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Day 20. 

We celebrated thanksgiving yesterday at Lucy’s school. It was super sweet and really fun to see all the kids come in with their little pilgrim hats on 💕
Lucy’s teacher snapped this pic of our little fam. I love how Lucy’s hand is looped around Olle’s waist. Why do they grow so fast?! Thankful for this family of mine. xo. edc.
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Day 19. 

Snapped a picture yesterday while downstairs with the kids at church. The big kids always make a tunnel for the little kids to come over when it’s time to sing. It’s just the sweetest little tradition and one of those things I just wanted to document. Being downstairs each weekend has given me a whole new appreciation for what teachers do and what a hard job it is. We have amazing kids at Midcurrent church, and I still have a hard time making the lesson relatable and making sure to connect with the kids. THANKFUL FOR TEACHERS! 
It’s Thanksgiving week! Yahoo! Going into the week feeling refreshed and ready to tackle allllll that’s coming- this time of year always goes way too fast and I don’t want to miss any of the joy it brings. I’m entering this week with a goal to treat my body right and give myself permission to sleep in and enjoy life even if the house is messy. xo. edc

Day 18. 

I missed a day! Ahhh! For good reason-- Sten and I were celebrating year 10 with a stay-cation. Doing things we never get to do. Like go out to eat in the city, binge-watch an entire season of a show, go out for lunch, see a movie and do a cooking class! So as I reflect over my weekend I’m thankful for Sten, and that he chooses me everyday. He is my biggest cheerleader, and always takes my side. He’s grateful for what I do for our family, and he is the first one to point out my positive traits. 10 years married (in 10 days) and so many to come! 
Also thankful for my sister and bro in law, for taking the kids all weekend!!xo. edc.

Day 16. 

I know I’ve posted about Willow River a ton already, but I completed 11/12 of my State Park goal for the year and each season of this park is just so pretty, I’m thankful that it’s basically in my backyard. 
Best part was Grandma joined us, making the trip even more fun. I enticed the kids with m&ms so the walk back up the hill would be slightly more enjoyable. Someday there will be no whining :) I love this special spot and yesterday was just another reminder to me that nature makes me feel good. xo. edc.

Day 15. 

What?!? Half way through November?? I can’t say I’m bummed, we’re that much closer to anniversary weekend, thanksgiving, Christmas, and.... BABY!  thankful for: my friend Patti who made us soup and biscuits and I didn’t have to cook dinner last nightwe ended last night with our fireplace on while we watch This is Us after the kids went to bed
MOST thankful tho, for Lucy’s preschool. Bethel Highlands. We had her conferences last night, and it was just a complete joy to sit there and hear her teacher gush about her. About her confidence, her love of learning, her willingness to participate in song and rhymes, her kindness, and her listening skills. Sten and I are SO proud of this girl. 
Lucy absolutely adores school and I couldn’t be happier about it. So grateful for Mrs. Mollie and for this little community we’ve come to love! xo. edc.

Day 14

I’m thankful today that my friend Hailley let my kids practice being big siblings on her brand new newborn baby. Levi is only 1 week old and he’s just about the sweetest little guy you’ll ever see. 
They’re soooo cute!! Olle loved holding Levi and I think he could have sat there all day. I’m so excited for February!!xo. edc.

Day 13. 

I had a visitor to my quiet time this morning. Lucy never is the first one up, but this morning she ambled downstairs and came to where I was sitting and snuggled right in. We were talking about our day and what I do during these dark, cozy, chilly mornings downstairs. I didn’t want our conversation to end so I said: what are you most looking forward to right now? She responded with: ‘The baby in your tummy to come out.’ I thought for sure she’d say school or Christmas or something, but this girl is so excited for her little brother. I was telling her I’d probably need her help quite a bit and she turned to me and said: "I’m kinda like a teenager, but not" Ahhhh!!! Stop growing up! 😉Thanks for the morning snuggles Lucy girl. You make my world a much better place. 
xo. edc.