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Just said goodbye to Amos and Olive after a quick overnight. We had so much fun! Really kicking off the weekend on a high note for me. If I lived this close to my cousins growing up I’d be the happiest camper. It’s truly a gift I hope these 5 don’t take for granted.
Tonight Sten and I have date #4 planned and then a whole Easter weekend to look forward to.

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Leo + Sigge

What’s cuter than one little baby boy? TWO!

Last night we had my high school friends +spouses and kids  over for dinner. Jamie had Leopold 16 days before Sigge was born, and we got to meet him for the first time! Loved putting these two on a blanket and watching them make the same sporadic movements! 😍

I mean, look at these boys!!

Maeve got in for a photo too!

It’s so fun to have a house full of friends. I’ve known some of these girls since 1st grade and I feel so fortunate to have them in my circle.
xo. edc

Weekend Highlights

I can’t believe it’s Monday already. Where did the weekend go?
Some highlights:

1. We had a family date at Lucette Friday night after picking up some new glasses for Lucy.

2. We went to Grandma and Grandpas church on Saturday night, then to their house after for dinner and cousin time

3. We spent Sunday at church and loving on baby Sigge.

Today is Marathon Monday!!!

Lucy + Olive

we met our cousins at the Y yesterday during our April snow day. After our workout we took the kids to Starbucks and I caught Lucy and Olive taking a selfie. So cute. I asked Lucy the other day who her best friend was and she said “well, I have 4. Olive and Elin, even tho they are my cousins. And then MacKenzie and Lyla.” I love that she picked her cousins as best friends, because they’ll be in her life forever!! So special.
Happy Friday! xo. edc.

A funny thing.

My kids play the weirdest things together. I constantly hear them calling each other “bro” and running up and down the stairs grabbing more things to add to whatever they’re playing.... it’s impossible for me to enter into their world because I just do. not. understand.
Here is an example of that I’m talking about:

Why did you put a stalk of celery to bed? I got a good laugh out of this one as it sums them up perfectly.

I’m going to be sad when Olle doesn’t have Lucy to play with next year as she’ll be in school all day. I think he is not going to know what to do with himself.  Hopefully Sigge will pick up the slack and the 2 of them can get to be little buddies. ♥️

xo. edc.

sun hats.

Let’s talk about babies in sun hats.... ADORABLE.

It’s supposed to get cold again with potential for some snow over the next couple of days. I think spring is just keeping us humble. But as soon as that sun comes back out you better believe I’ll be throwing this little guy in the moby with his little sun hat on and basking in the sunshine.

I’ve had 2 mornings of some serious me-time. Over an hour of reading, journaling and quiet candlelit coffee time. I listened to a podcast yesterday on my enneagram number and at the end she said: if you’re a 2 in your 30s you need to figure out self care RIGHT NOW. this couldn’t be more true for me. My mental health depends on it. So I’m glad that I’m healing up and can start running again as I feel this to be my favorite way to “self care”.

It’s Wednesday and our first day this week with zero plans....
xo. edc.

spring walk.

Sten and I got the big kids situated in the stroller and Sigge in the Moby wrap and went out for a walk last night. Walking is one of our favorite things to do and it can make the time just fly. We ended up walking to the park and basking in that glorious spring warmth. Swinging, sliding, and running around. I love watching my kids be kids. I’ve been reflecting lately on my effectiveness as a parent. Most of the time I feel like I’m coming up short, but when I step back and watch my kids play I feel like I’ve done something right.

xo. edc