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summer love 6.

Last week Sten was out west fishing, so I kept myself and the kids busy running from one activity to the next. I totally wore them out each day and by bed time, we were all exhausted. It was so fun to hear about Sten's week away with his buddies, fishing and camping. I've learned that we both have hobbies that totally refresh us. Mine: running marathons, Sten: fishing with buddies- and at this stage of life I want to hold on to those things to keep us healthy and loving life.

We did have a pretty good time while Sten was away...
 Lucy was in a dance class with her cousin Olive, so we dropped the girls off at church everyday from 9:30-11:30, and took the boys to do fun things. Olle thought it was such a delight to have lots of one on one time with his big cousin Amos, and it was such a joy to watch those 2 girls dance at the end of the week.
 There is Lucy totally doing her own thing. She was "on beat" for about 13% of the performance overall! BUT she loved it!
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