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Date 1/12

one of my 19 for 2019 was 12 dates with Sten. We checked off our first one last night might, using a gift card to Pier 500 and finishing the evening with decaf coffee at Dunn Bros. Our friends Kyle and Ashley offered to take the kids, and Lucy and Olle were beyond thrilled that they got to spend an evening with some of their pals. I’m glad to have made this one of my goals as this has not been a regular occurrence for us as of late, and it’s something we both love a lot. xo. edc.

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Question of the day

I’m having some technical difficulties with my blog 😩 and I’m not technical. So this is from Thursday 🙄
My ?? of the day is:
Will this running jacket fit for 29 more days???

Had a nice run with Trisha this morning. We both noticed that with the little bit of snow on the ground it felt like we were trudging through a sandy beach (maybe slightly dramatic, but this morning felt hard!) I’m thankful for my Thursday morning runs/ catch ups with my Hudson running pal. ♥️

good things

Here are a few good things right now:My walks around the block with the kids. I left with 2 kids yesterday but then Olle wanted to go back and we were only about 2 houses in, so Lucy and I dropped him back off at home with Sten and had a little girl time. She always asks for girl time and it’s so rarely an option, we took the opportunity to do a loop together and hold hands and it was just so special. Sten and I have been setting our alarms a little earlier than normal and getting up to read. Our coffee is hot, and I’m usually in my cozy socks him in his slippers, it’s the best way to start the day. A quiet house, a book and a hot cup of coffee. I hope we can continue this habit somehow when baby comes. 
Stens been giving me a free night each week to do whatever I want. He puts the kids to bed and all. It’s been the greatest gift. Yesterday I walked for an hour at the Y, and then met my sister for coffee in Woodbury. We both brought books, but we ended up talking for 2 hours instead. I…

healthy habits. 

I’ve been reading Gretchen Rubin’s book Better than Before and I'm loving it! It’s been good to get into a nonfiction book since I gravitate towards easy reads/ fiction. I’ve been so encouraged by how well my 2019 has been. I know we’re only 15 days in, but I’ve been killing it. I’ve ran everyday, I’ve been sticking to my laundry routine, I’ve worked super hard at keeping things tidy even with 2 kids constantly making a mess and I’ve continued to meal prep/ plan all my meals. There hasn’t been a single day that I just had to throw something together.

It makes me feel so good!
One of my friends once told me that as soon as she gets home from the grocery store she chops up all her vegetables so #noexcuses and it has been a life changing piece of advice for me. Sten and I eat eggs with vegetables and sweet potatoes every morning and a salad every day for lunch, so it’s CRUCIAL that our veggies are prepped otherwise we’d be miserable and late constantly.
I know I’m lucky to have the …

Another Birthday to celebrate

Today a friend texted to remind Sten and me that one year ago today we launched our weekly services at Midcurrent. There has been no turning back. This year has stretched us in ways we didn't see coming-- but all in all its been a year of incredible growth. Growth in our marriage, in our family, in our friendships, in our faith and within our community.

Happy Birthday Midcurrent. You are a VERY good thing.

xo. edc.


This week has flown by. Normally January drags on for me, but there’s been so much sunshine and my month has been filled with uplifting people and lots of encouragement + Sten was "off work" for 2 weeks, so I can honestly say this has been one of my favorite months in a while! I’ve been doing awesome with whole30, I’ve been not stressed out at all about laundry after many people said you HAVE to try doing at least one load a day or every other day, and I got to check ‘get an Apple Watch’ ⌚️ off my 2019 list! I have been saving up gift cards and birthday money for over a year to get a new watch and I finally got it! I love it! Gretchen Rubin says that it’s best to put 1 thing on your 2019 list that you’ll be able to check off right away-- so ✅ ! Other Favorites this week:As a last hurrah as a family of 4 we took the kids to the Mall of America to ride the rides. It was so much fun! They literally had the time of their lives being brave! We ended our night going out for dinner…

One of those days

It’s Friday and the sun is shining. It’s 40 degrees out and I just spent the past 2 hours outside, enjoying some warmth on my face and vitamin D on my skin. I’ll take it!! January 4th and Lucy was in short sleeves while playing outside! 
We ate lunch outside and then sat in the sun until it was time to take Lucy to school (with sunroof OPEN). Normally, as soon as we get home I rush olle upstairs and quick get him down for a nap so I can have some quiet time, but today we ran around the block. I’m not kidding, Olle ran the entire way. I think we all needed this day to remind us of warmer weather and the thrill of blue skies. xo. edc.