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Friday Favorites

Friday’s over?!? It’s Monday??! Besides getting a dump of snow mid-week, Monday-Wednesday were awesome. We had some above freezing temps and it was so good for our bodies to get outside!  1. We met a new family randomly at the brewery in town and exchanged numbers— we had our first play date at the park and you can’t tell from the boys faces, but it was a hit! The kids had fun playing with a new friend! 2. We hiked to the falls at Willow River Wednesday morning. It was beautiful!!! The way down to the falls was awesome, but there were quite a few tears on the hike back up. I forget how tired little legs get, and it’s always a lesson for me to move a little slower and be super intentional about making it fun. I’m not sure I was as patient as I should have been bc Lucy told me she never wanted to do that again when we were done. Lol. 3. 
Art! What would we do without paint and markers and crayons and glitter? Lucy’s little hands make the best masterpieces and I could watch Olle’s intensi…
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Olle 2.5

Olle boy is 2.5 years old as of yesterday. He is currently my difiant child, although I’m realizing that I should never peg my children as “one way” bc as soon as I do they inevitably change. He’s always telling us, “no” and running away from us to go throw something or knock over whatever Lucy is playing with. Everyday when he goes down for a nap, or goes to bed I just breath a sigh of relief, for a sweet moment of stillness. I remember this stage with Lucy as well, it’s suddenly like: shoot, they aren’t cute at doing these things anymore, this is bad behavior! But BOY IS HE CUTE! As frustrating as he is, he can make me the happiest person on the earth. He’s always been my joy bring-er, and that hasn’t changed. He gets so excited to tell stories he just can’t get the words out fast enough, he loves certain clothes and especially anything having to do with sports. He loves to be big, and tells Lucy all the time that he’s a big guy and when he grows up he’s going to play basketball wit…

Friday Favorites

Back at it! I took a blogging break (unintentionally) but hopefully I’ll get back to documenting weekly! Some favorites from this week: 
1.) Crushed my 2017 running goals! 2,000 miles ran, and a marathon under 3:15. Feels good to have those behind me. I’ve been loving having no pressure to run and I’ve already done 2 new classes at the Y. I’m ready to change it up in 2018! 
2.) These silly cousins were all mine this last Wednesday and they sure are lucky to have each other. Of course you can never get them to smile nice.... 

3.) These 2 cuties! They’ve been such troopers being cooped up inside most days. I love how their friendship is budding and my favorite thing is watching them play in the morning when they haven’t seen each other for 12 hours. :)2018: I think you’re going to be a good one! XO, edc

December to remember. 

I can’t move on to January without recapping our December. It felt magical from beginning to end with lots of great family time and as a bonus we got to see friends we haven’t seen in a long time as well. Christmas time has a way of showing me all the best stuff in my life: Sten, my kids, our home, my sissy, extended family, close friends, all the little reminders that God has given me a lot. 
Santa Lucia day at our house was a highlight! We got Lucy prepped all month and on the morning of the 13th she came into our room, came over to my side and said: is it Santa Lucia day???? She was sooooo excited to wear that crown and bring treats to daddy and Olle. 
This is us on a 2-horse open sleigh! We spent an afternoon at Belle Vinez, where they really outdid the Christmas cheer! It was a perfect way to embrace winter and do something outside! 
We got to go to Christmas at Crossroads with my whole family! It was such an amazing service and so fun to all be together! 
I was downstairs with the k…

2017: The year of transititions

As I've been reflecting on 2017, I can't help but feel like it has been a whirlwind of transitions for our family. Nothing has looked the same from one month to the next, and although we all are up for a good adventure, I think we are looking forward to a little more stability in 2018.

We started January, by telling our amazing church that we were leaving to plant a church in Hudson, WI. After putting our house on the market, and having 25 showings, we finally got an offer and closed in June. In between that time, we finished up life at Cedarbrook, looked for a home in Hudson, lived in a friends house for a month, and began gathering a core team of people to help us launch MIDCURRENT church. We moved into our home in Hudson on July 15th, and then started weekly meetings at our house, planning, prepping, and praying for our 3 preview services this fall/winter.... which all leads us to today, where we are 2 weeks away from our official launch on January 14th.
Right now our house…

Friday Favorites

I can’t figure out how to get pictures onto my computer ever since I updated my phone. Therefore my posting has significantly decreased because then I have to post from my phone and that’s just not as easy or fun. We had a good week! Seemed to zoom by, as they all do, especially this time of year. We spent Monday at my moms and I think that was a highlight for me. The kids love being at grandmas house and my dad randomly came home in the early afternoon, so they were doubly excited about that. Other favorites from the week: 1. We had “Christmas in the loft” downtown Hudson on Saturday, and it was such a gorgeous day! The loft was decorated so beautifully and it was fun to be out and about with all the shoppers and events going on. 2. It finally snowed on Tuesday for the first time this month, so we watched White Christmas and ate Swedish Pancakes. This has been a Carlson family tradition for as long as Sten can remember and I love that we’ve carried it on. I remember when we lived in …

Friday Favorites

Happy December! This month I hope to live with intention. Every day setting a goal for myself and for our family. This time of year Sten and I start talking about all the highlights of our year, and I love being in a habit of remembering the good things. The times we laughed a lot and felt secure and loved within the confines of close family and friends. I hope to make lots of memories this December. I hope we can look back 31 days from now, and say: That was a really good month.
SO onward and upward! Here are my favorites from this week.

1. Lucy started swimming lessons at the YMCA and I seriously cannot handle what it's done to me. The amount of pride I have for her is not healthy. I want to tell everyone I meet how good at swimming she is in just 5 little weeks. She absolutely loves it as well. She cannot wait for Monday mornings and asks almost daily if it's a swimming lesson day. I can see why parents love to watch their kids play sports, it is an instant joy-bringer. The…