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Friday Favs.

#oops. it's saturday. we've been running around lately and I don't feel like I'm doing the greatest job of leaving margin in my life, like my 18 for 2018... ahhh! Good thing tomorrow starts a new week and I can give it a fresh start.

It was hot this week (my favorite), we spent all of Wednesday at the cabin with my mama. That was a highlight for sure. I also got to go on a walk with a friend Thursday evening, which always makes me feel like a human.

Friday was spent in the best way possible:
-a run with Kate in the morning,
-a park date with my friend Ashley and her little guy Mason,
-yoga class,
-home for a quick nap for little olle man
-Kinnickinnic State Park where we dropped the kids off with Gracia so they could adventure, then -Sten and I checked out a super cute brewery in River Falls. We had some really good conversation, and lets me honest --any time I get to spend with him is special to me.

Today we've been checking thing off the list, and it feels good.…
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Get It Dunn 2018

This was my 5th year pacing the get it dunn run. It’s something I look forward to every year. I enjoy helping others meet their goals and get pretty competitive with myself to come in as close to my pace time as possible... this year I was pacing the 1:40 and came in at 1:39:46..... 14 seconds early.
We hosted a dinner party the night before, so our kids were at my sissy’s house. We were kid less, and Sten and I had a great drive over to Menomonie and a fun time running around our old digs! He ended up getting second in his age group for the 5k #marriedup.
Love this race and thankful I get to be a part of it each year.







Big Guy.

Olle loves being a big guy. If you ask him how old he is (2) he may say he’s 3, just because he wants so badly to be bigger than he is. So ready to wear basketball outfits and hit the court, and eat a whole cookie, instead of a half. I, on the other hand, take a million pictures of him sleeping because this is when he looks little to me and I love him at this very (tiring) sweet age of 2 almost 3. Stay little big guy. You’re perfect and so much fun. ♥️edc


I really can’t put into words just how much I love this picture. When I think about Summer in the Midwest this is exactly what I picture. I love that my kids have a place that’s safe to be themselves and strip down to their undies and jump in the ice cold lake with no inhibitions. The sweet joys of being a kid. And of being a mom, getting to watch it all happen right before your eyes. ♥️. edc

Friday favorites

This episode of Friday Favs brought to you by Lucy's OOTD (outfit of the day).
She's spunky, and she loves to dress herself in the most random assortment of all the hand-me-downs we get from EXTREMELY generous and gracious friends/family. Seriously, the gift of clothing for my kids? It's saved us hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

We have a busy weekend. We're hosting a dinner club tonight (1st ever!) and then tomorrow I'm pacing the Get it Dunn run in Menomonie, and then Sunday is Mother's Day, which is sure to be a sweet day with family.

Enjoy my little Lucy's fashion inspiration:

Seriously, isn’t she the best?  XO, edc.

may, you can stay :)

.....and just like that, we went straight from Winter to Summer and this family is not complaining. We've all got tan lines, and flip flop injuries, and sore legs from bike rides. Our house is full of sand, and dirt, and bags that need to be unpacked, and repacked from picnics at the park, and extra change of clothes. Our days our spent outside in the bright sunshine, slathered in sunscreen and remembering the familiar and PERFECT sound of little footsteps running on the dock. We've already gone through a package of band-aides from fresh scraps all over little legs. Hair is turning lighter and days are growing longer. Every night is a grill night and after dinner walks around the neighborhood. Everyone is happier, healthier and tired at the end of the day. Oh, Summer, we missed you and we love you.

 xo. edc.

If you need a reminder on God's goodness.

I have really good friends. Friends that check in, and ask how I am, and then when I'm honest that things aren't the best, take the time to ask more questions and answer with love and grace and honesty and challenge. last week I had been struck with a negative streak. I couldn't seem to shake off all the "bad things" in my life. All the negatives of my personality, and the million emotions I carry everyday. When I'm honest about these types of things, friends come through in a big way. One such friend reminded me to think back over a year and look at the ways God has been at work. We are going through a series at church right now on hope, and when talking about believing that God can still work miracles I failed to come up with an example in my own life. This didn't sit well with me. Did I not see the miracles? Are they not happening? Do I even believe miracles can happen? I am still wrestling with those questions, but I can say without a doubt that God…