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a weekend in the Grove.

What a great weekend.

Some highlights include:

- walking into the door at 8618 Jenner Lane and getting hugs from my whole family.

- the Birthday cake my mom has been making me ever since she discovered the recipe

- new running shoes.

- seeing Sten's Grandma Carlson.

- coffee and catch up at Bread and Chocolate with my soul friend Emily.

- NEW JEANS from Sten for my Birthday.

- Papa Murphy's 40% less calories, 30% less fat deLITE pizza.

- Jessica and I whooping everyone in Hand and Foot.

- Church and seeing old friends.

- The great conversations Sten and I had on the way home.
So thankful for my wonderful family and the millions of memories made in that house.

Goodbye 24.

I just wanted to take a minute to think of all the wonderful things my Golden year has brought me. I think reflection is an important part of life.
Some highlights of 24:

Celebrating my golden birthday in Estes Park with my love.
Reading the book Crazy Love with my high school small group girls.
The numerous Tuesday nights we spent with Bryce, Ryann and Drake watching Biggest Loser and eating really unhealthy food and dessert.
The day I got a package in the mail asking me to be a bridesmaid in Katie's wedding.
Picking out paint for our Spare room and Bedroom in our house in CO
Jessica and Mike's visit-- the New Belgium Brewery Tour.
The day I made Swedish Coffee Bread all by myself.

Camping in Estes
The day Jessica and Mike became The Bernards.
Climbing my first 14er. Longs Peak. Laughing so hard with my family while playing games. Running through the sprinklers with my nephew- and every Wednesday I got to spend with him. Being up at Camp- spending the night with Emily, and Joel and Megan&…
Had a good day today. It's Tuesday.... I have been reading the book "Room". It's so riveting. I can't put it down. If you haven't read it yet, put your name on the waiting list at the library. It is unlike any book I have ever read and I think about it all day-- I get so excited for my commute on the train because that is solid reading time for 40 mins. So far since I have started my job downtown I have read:
- The Broker - Best Friends - In Her Shoes - 40 Something Crisis-- weird book. - The Guernsey Literary and Potato Pie Society-- highly recommend - The Help-- highly recommend - Term Limits - Room
I am thankful for my time on the train and my love for a good book. There's nothing like it- I suggest you DEAR tonight... Drop Everything And Read!
Good night!

Quarter century.

Last years birthday we went snow shoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park.
Woke up this morning ready for the week! It's Birthday week for me, and I love celebrations. I can't wait to eat off my "you are special today" plate my mother in law gave me last year.It's made me think about being 25. I like new years and fresh starts. Here are some things I want to do in my quarter century year of life:
1. Find a church to get involved in 2. Run a half marathon with my friend Emily (May 1st) 3. Get really good at yoga 4. Take a whole day and bike around the city 5. Read the book 'Cold Tangerines' and discuss it with others. 6. Go to Ravinia this summer, drink wine, listen to music and picnic with friends. 7. Go camping 8. Take pictures of the food I create and blog about it. 9. Volunteer locally in the community. 10. Find the ultimate BYOB. 11. Celebrate Christmas in Minnesota with my family and play 'Amy Grant Christmas' record over and over and dance with my siste…

The Perfect Sunday

Today was the perfect Sunday.I: -took a sleeping pill last night and slept in until 9:45a. New record. -watched last weeks episode of Glee with Sten while drinking our morning coffee out of our favorite mugs. -started my "Sunday Lunch" which included Carmelized onion, pear and goat cheese focaccia, simple green salad and 3 cheese stuffed shells. -started a blog!
I have been very inspired lately by a few bloggers. I am obsessed with "Pioneer Woman" and have been making a lot of her recipes and oooing and ahhing over her photography. I have also been following a co-workers wife's blog Sue is always positive and whenever I read her blog I hope to enjoy my time with family as much as she does.
I was totally in my element today and the whole time I was just thinking, 'this is the perfect day, I don't want it to end!' Sten was in the living room watching the Daytona 500 and every now and again would pop in the kitchen …