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Goodbye 24.

I just wanted to take a minute to think of all the wonderful
things my Golden year has brought me. I think reflection is an important part of life.
Some highlights of 24:

Celebrating my golden birthday in Estes Park with my love.
Reading the book Crazy Love with my high school small group girls.
The numerous Tuesday nights we spent with Bryce, Ryann and Drake watching Biggest Loser and eating really unhealthy food and dessert.
The day I got a package in the mail asking me to be a bridesmaid in Katie's wedding.
Picking out paint for our Spare room and Bedroom in our house in CO
Jessica and Mike's visit-- the New Belgium Brewery Tour.
The day I made Swedish Coffee Bread all by myself.

Camping in Estes
The day Jessica and Mike became The Bernards.
Climbing my first 14er. Longs Peak.
Laughing so hard with my family while playing games.
Running through the sprinklers with my nephew- and every Wednesday I got to spend with him.
Being up at Camp- spending the night with Emily, and Joel and Megan's wedding.
Good chats and lots of laughs while loving every minute of Katie and Peter tying the knot!
The sound of Sten's voice each night when we talked on the phone while we were apart for
2 months.
The call from Ginny (our realtor) when she called to tell us we got an offer on the house.
The Rock and Roll Denver half marathon with Janele- I was a bandit and we got into the VIP section and had mimosas after a GREAT race.
Walks around Lake Loveland with my dear friend Darby- and discovering concerts along the way.
Meeting my niece Elin for the first time.
When my mom came to help me pack and move.
Sten and I back in the Penske truck to CHICAGO! And all the wonderful people who met us to help us unload.
Friends Thanksgiving.
Mexcio 2010 with my family.
Tre Kronor- enough said.
Eating breakfast with Sten on Saturday mornings.

So much more...... I loved being 24.


  1. Looks like you had a pretty fabulous year! Happy (belated) birthday!


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