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The Perfect Sunday

Today was the perfect Sunday.
-took a sleeping pill last night and slept in until 9:45a. New record.
-watched last weeks episode of Glee with Sten while drinking our morning coffee out of our favorite mugs.
-started my "Sunday Lunch" which included Carmelized onion, pear and goat cheese focaccia, simple green salad and 3 cheese stuffed shells.
-started a blog!

I have been very inspired lately by a few bloggers. I am obsessed with "Pioneer Woman" and have been making a lot of her recipes and oooing and ahhing over her photography. I have also been following a co-workers wife's blog Sue is always positive and whenever I read her blog I hope to enjoy my time with family as much as she does.

I was totally in my element today and the whole time I was just thinking, 'this is the perfect day, I don't want it to end!' Sten was in the living room watching the Daytona 500 and every now and again would pop in the kitchen and give me a kiss and tell me how great it smelled in our little apartment (I love him for that). I love cooking for him and I love being his wife. I love lazy Sunday's and I hope our life continues to center around our zest for God, each other, good conversation, new food and red wine.


  1. Erica this is a really sweet blog! I enjoyed reading it. Your next post should be the recipe ;) Glad you guys are enjoying a Sunday together.

  2. Yay! I'm so excited to start reading your blog. Miss you, cousin :)


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