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Quarter century.

Last years birthday we went snow shoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Woke up this morning ready for the week! It's Birthday week for me, and I love celebrations. I can't wait to eat off my "you are special today" plate my mother in law gave me last year.
It's made me think about being 25. I like new years and fresh starts. Here are some things I want to do in my quarter century year of life:

1. Find a church to get involved in
2. Run a half marathon with my friend Emily (May 1st)
3. Get really good at yoga
4. Take a whole day and bike around the city
5. Read the book 'Cold Tangerines' and discuss it with others.
6. Go to Ravinia this summer, drink wine, listen to music and picnic with friends.
7. Go camping
8. Take pictures of the food I create and blog about it.
9. Volunteer locally in the community.
10. Find the ultimate BYOB.
11. Celebrate Christmas in Minnesota with my family and play 'Amy Grant Christmas' record over and over and dance with my sister.
12. Bake with my cute little niece. Even though she is only 6 mos.
13. Pay half of our school debt- and get closer to having 'financial peace'
14. Read and develop more of the traits of the Total Women
15. Be a supportive, loving and patient wife
16. Blog at least 3x a week
17. Go to the movie theater
18. Go bowling
19. Make cards monthly and send them out to all the ones I love.
20. Visit CO so Sten can fish and be with his brother, and I can hang out with my perfect nephew and my beautiful sister in law.

I just know this is going to be a GREAT year!


  1. Growing up I always got to eat off the "You Are Special Plate" on my birthday. I finally bought my own. Love it!

  2. Happy Almost Birthday! We need to pick a day to celebrate. I love your list. When I turned 25 I read the book Quarterlife your approach is much better. I love number 5. and have it as an audiobook if you want to borrow it. Elin can't wait to bake with you. And count us in if a CO trip gets planned!! Love you! XOXO

  3. Sign me up for 6, 9, 10, and 19. DONE! Also, want to start a book club? First book could be Cold Tangerines?


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