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life lately.

It's almost Wednesday.
Here's some high points lately:
- Sten and I went to a BULLS game on Friday- so what that we were sitting in the highest seat! It was SO fun!
- We went to the ULTIMATE breakfast spot Tre Kronor. And laughed, drank lots of coffee and caught up after a busy week of work and midterms.
- We cleaned on Saturday and it was great.
- Went to church on Sunday and put our faith into action! As we left church Sunday night everyone got $2. We were encouraged to get into groups and find a place to spend it. You could buy items for a local school, buy items for a shelter, buy dinner for someone, groceries... Sten and I decided to tackle the shelter items. We went to Walgreens and started loading our cart with tooth brushes, tooth paste, soap, shampoo.... On the way out we gave our $4 to a homeless man along with some Mike and Ikes. We were almost to our car when another homeless man approached us and asked if we had any food. We went back into Walgreens and bought him a sandwich. We had interesting conversations while waiting in line- and then, the most amazing thing happened. As we walked out with the man we had just bought the sandwich for he turned to the first homeless man and said- 'hey man, you want half my sandwich?'.... Of course I started crying. I think it's true- when you have next to nothing to give, you give more freely than when you have lots. It was a good night, and a hard night all in one.
- Ran 7 miles in prep for the 1/2 marathon coming up.
- Spent tonight with Sten and Mim around her kitchen island laughing and being so thankful for eachother in our lives.

I have a BIG weekend ahead. MY SISTER IS COMING TO CHICAGO. Watch out Albany Park.



  1. Got chills reading the part about the homeless men. Jealous of Tre Kronor and Mim's kitchen! Glad life is good!


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