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This picture is from when I studied in Florence. The yellowish building on the left was my very favorite and whenever I look at this picture it
brings back such wonderful memories

today was a good Monday:

When I got home from work I went for an 8 mile training run. Running the 2.91 miles down Foster ave. to Lake Shore Drive you put your life in your hands, but as soon as you reach LSD it's all worth it. You see other people running, biking - rollerblading!.... It's such a good feeling.

When I got home I made some delicious cookies as well as a salad for dinner. Sten will only eat salad for dinner if it is loaded with stuff- so I added chicken, corn, black beans, green onions, carrots, mozzarella cheese, and croutons. He approved and I was overjoyed. Its so great to get that much protein and vitamins from a simple dinner.

To stretch out my tired muscles I went to yoga-Pilate's. I love that class more than words can describe. At the end the instructor (Jen) lets us lie there for what seems like a long time while we stretch out our spines. I love thinking only positive thoughts during this time as well as thinking of ways to do nice things for people. We rolled over to our right which is the symbol of the future in yoga. Jen asked us to think of some goals or where we see ourselves in 2 months. Short term goals are so important to me:
1. Get my teeth fixed.
2. Run my half marathon with Emily and enjoy every minute of the time we get to spend together doing something we love.
3. Finish "Cold Tangerines"
4. Do something special for Sten to show him how much he means to me.

I didn't know Monday's could be so great.



  1. Still having teeth problems? Sounds like a great Monday!!! Miss you!


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