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a quiet evening

Estes Park Colorado. A perfect spot to really feel quiet. content. thankful.
It is 7:22pm and it is not dark outside yet. I love Spring.
I am listening to our "Filter mix" and thinking over my day. Sten is fishing with some friends for the night and I have the little apartment to myself. It truly is a quiet evening.
I am in a very contemplative mood. I don't know why. I am usually not like this. I think I can attribute it largely to feeling really content right now. I like my life. While talking over Cold Tangerines with some friends last week we all came to the conclusion that we have been waiting our whole lives-- waiting to go to college, to turn 21, to graduate, to get married, to find a great job, and now we have all those things and we are still waiting... tonight I am sick of waiting. I need to look at the wonders all around me and be thankful.

quiet. content. thankful.