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Spring + Jessica

Spring has sprung in Chicago and it makes me so joyful.
Sten did a little spring cleaning on the bikes and got them ready for the season. It may have been a little pre-mature, but we seized the day!

Jessica's here and life is so good. I love my sister so. Here are some reason's why:
- She knows me too well and loves me just the same.
- She laughs at my jokes unless they're really bad then she lets me know not to share that with anyone else.
- She's always up for a good day of exploration.
- She cares about me and Sten
- She knows what to order at restaurants ALWAYS. I usually get the exact same thing because she just knows whats going to be the best.
- She has the most beautiful voice.
- She's not afraid to be herself. I love her confidence.
- She's going to be the best mom someday. I can't wait to talk to her about baby food and strollers and nursery designs.
- She knows just what to say when I need a little boost in life.
- She's so generous with her time, money and love.

We've been having so much fun together.

Happy Spring!