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Today I didn't have the best day at work. I came home to find Sten waiting for me with a big hug. We just have so much fun together. This afternoon we laughed about little things we both say and by the time 4:15 rolled around I was back to my old self, work day behind me.
It's because of these little things and more that I love Sten and want to do nice things for him. I love making him dinner and taking care of little things around the apartment, but sometimes you just want to do a little more. I have a surprise planned for Friday for him because I love him so much. The 'Total Woman' in me can't wait till he finds out what I have up my sleeve (And I will share with all of you on Friday too- I don't know if Sten reads my blog).

It's almost the weekend. 2. more. days.


  1. You are a TOTAL WO(w)MAN!!!


  2. Sweet Erica! Your blog is so uplifting. I hope things go better at work!


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