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a little re-cap.

This little note was waiting for me when I came home the other day, and I refuse to let Sten take it down... In case you can't read it- it says:
Happy Saturday. It has been a busy week, that is for sure. Some highlights include:

- Coming home Tuesday and making leftovers

- Meeting Andrew at Equinox and working out downtown in a nice gym. By the way, if you need a trainer, Andrew is your man. He always comes up with interesting new workouts and ways to make your muscles BURN.

- SURVIVOR night with Sten. Yep, that's right, we still watch that show every week, AND we love it.

- Thursday-- face time with my sister-in-law... then I made some delicious turkey burgers with spinach and feta cheese. We enjoyed a meal with our friends Joel and Megan and then went to see Storyhill in Hamming Hall. Also found out that Sten has a total man-crush on Johnny (one of the musicians.)

- Friday night Sten and I made homemade pizza and watched The Fighter. I recommend it!

Spring is so here. It's a beautiful evening. It makes me want to throw on my running clothes and run with my new Hillsong CD blaring in my little ears. But. I just painted my nails and am about to head out to a new BYOB with some friends. Tomorrow morning I only work until noon, then I am going to run home from Downtown. It will be quite the 8.9 mile adventure considering I don't know East or West.... But I know I can do it!

Thanks for reading. I love blogging!