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a meal from my main squeeze

I have a lot to look forward to this weekend. Not only do I get to run 13.1 miles with my dearest friend on Sunday, I get to see my Grandma, mom, cousins, aunts, uncles, sister and brother-in-law on Saturday. So many wonderful people in one small little town! Emily and I are trying to decide what to wear and we just enlisted Sten to come up with our slogan because he is so witty! Speaking of Sten-- he made me dinner tonight! I know, you should be jealous- look how cute he is. He made honey bbq meatloaf, salad with strawberries, feta and candied almonds and veggies. I am a very lucky lady.
I am obsessed with this new blog. It is very inspirational- and is chalk full of beautiful pictures and yummy recipes. I love looking at other peoples blogs. Check out Anne's awesome blog, she does beautiful art and I want to buy one of her water colors to spruce up our home. My friend Andrew told me in order to stick out in the blogging world I should start video-blogging. It's going to take a little extra time, and I am slightly camera shy, so its going to have to be very planned- BUT... I am determined!

Here's what I am going to do this week:
- give my body healthy foods and not too much sugar so I can run really fast this weekend.
- catch up with my sister and talk about silly things and laugh
- encourage Sten through all his school work- 2.5 wks until summa break.
- make a great dinner on Wednesday to enjoy with Survivor.

It's good to know that this is the most rain we've had in the month of April for 125 yrs. I am so glad I moved from the sunniest state in the US to 'blizzard of 2011' and 'rain of April 2011' state in the US. You know what they say-- April showers bring May flowers. I am living on this dream.


  1. I am living in the same May flower dream! I love that I just stumbled across your blog. Your positive attitude really is such an encouragement. You are great!


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