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a new sport....?

Great Friends
Good form Peter!

Its been a great weekend. Full of games, coffee, relaxation and basketball.

One of the highlights of my weekend so far was yesterday when Sten taught me some moves on the court. We have very different interests when it comes to how we spend our time at the gym. I could run on the treadmill for hours whereas Sten would rather shoot hoops or play basketball. Sometimes on a Saturday we play a round or two of horse, but I get bored after I am at h-o-r-s, and he is at nothing. But yesterday was different. He took the time and showed me the fundamentals and chased after the ball for me while I shot in the same place forever trying to get 5 in a row. He is such a patient teacher. He was so encouraging and told me at one point- "you're such a good athlete, once you get down the form, you'll do great"... It was so fun to actually make a few baskets and do something fun together. Each time we are on the court inevitably at one point Sten is on the floor laughing at something I do. I just love when he laughs. Now I just have to get him to like running....

Another highlight was spending 4 straight nights with Katie and Peter. What a great thing to have them so close. It takes me 14 mins. to run to their house. We can literally play Hand and Foot for hours. Tonight we took advantage of the beautiful weather and played our first game of bags on the green space. I hope that is sign of what is to come this Summer!

Tomorrow is Monday- and I have the day off! What to do?
- Run my 10 miles.
- Do some laundry
- Blog
- Make cards and write some letters
- Use my crock-pot for the FIRST time!
- Spring clean?
- Target run
- Talk to Emily over her lunch break

Happy Spring Chicago!


  1. Sounds like a fun day! I need to get myself a game of bags :) Happy Spring!!

  2. I love your pictures and your blog! It makes me miss you! Remember when you taught my how to play this? It was such a blast!!! Miss you!

  3. I can't believe you run 10 miles! Wow, Erica that's amazing!

  4. haha! i had to laugh at the basketball part of this post! johnny and i did the exact same thing at the gym this week. we played horse, and i lost of course...but, i won last week!
    i know you can win next time, erica! i believe in you!!!!!


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