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NP Vikings.

Freshman year-- oh how we've changed.
Well, hello Friday!

Yesterday was a pretty big day. I just found out that one of the sweetest Thompson Valley Seniors is soon to be a North Park Viking. I feel like a proud parent. I know that many would not feel this way, but I have a pretty immense sense of pride for my alma mater.

I feel so lucky to have been a graduate of NPU. I think back on my college years and any bad memory escapes me and I only think of the amazing people I met, the crazy things we did, the friends that will be lifelong, and the discoveries I made about myself. I have the most vivid memory of moving in my Freshman year and meeting Karoline for the first time. Who knew we would come to be close friends-myself as an unsure, PK Minnesotan and this beauty (inside and out) from Maryland? I experienced a new city (Chicago), a lot of new sports (rowing, ultimate frisbee, marathon running), a new country (Italy), a true Chicago apartment (3222), a new love (Sten), the greatest roommates (Karoline, Amy, Anne, Megan, the Kates, Tara), a love for baseball (the Cubs), public transportation, ethnic foods, sunny days at Foster Beach, Lake Shore Drive bike rides, millions of festivals.... memories, memories, memories. I have no regrets from my 4 years spent at the intersection of Foster and Kedzie. I hope every stage of my life brings forth as much emotional, spiritual and complete self- growth.

I'm proud to be a North Park Viking!


  1. Love this! Loving your college and making lifelong friends there is priceless!!

  2. This made me so excited! I feel honored :) I want my college experience to be just like that. You're amazing..I am honestly so blessed to have you in my life! I have a great 4 years to look forward to.

  3. Oh, this picture! So blessed to have met you too, Erica!


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