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Palm Sunday

This is from our first Easter together. I made Sten dye eggs with me. I thought this was normal, until I realized boys really have NO interest in dying eggs.

It was a great weekend.
Some highlights include:
- byob (Simply It) with Joel and Megan
- Spring clean in apt. #302.
- 7 loads of laundry clean, folded and put away.
- A trip to Goodwill.
- Saturday night in Geneva
- Sunday morning watching Sten lead worship at Batavia. Always gives me chills when I see him up there singing with his guitar- he is SO handsome.
- Egg Harbor and great chats with my beautiful Mother-in-law
- Grocery store run to re-stock the cupboards
- Hand and Foot and a great dinner with friends.

Being in Geneva with Meredith was so nice. I love having girl chats with her. There are always so many laughs especially when Sten starts telling stories. I hope I have the same love for my children as Meredith so evidently has for hers.
It's Holy week and I hope I can remember that this week as I go along and through my days. My goal for this week is to be more mindful.

Happy Palm Sunday! xoxo.


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