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Spring (or summer) in Chicago!

I get all bottled up on blogging when I have a little time-- so here's another one. Today was one of those, 'i am so anxious because it is beautiful outside and all i want to do is bask in the sunshine all day and i am stuck inside' kind of days. It was 85 degrees out! I worked until noon and then ran home from work. It was really great. It ended up being 10.9 miles, but let me tell you, even if I wasn't training for a half marathon, I would still want to do that today. Lake shore was bursting with people-- bikers, walkers, rollerbladers, skateboarders, slow joggers, fast runners, baby's and their mamma's, pregnant women, girls in bikinis, guys with extremely white chests and no shirts on.... it definitely made the run go by so much faster with all the great people-watching I was able to do.
When I got home I was so excited to be with Sten outside... we got starbucks (iced coffee with 2 pumps white mocha for him, and iced passion tea for me) and went for a long walk. We talked a lot and thats why I love spring. It opens up new experiences and a more active lifestyle. And for this short period of time- people take advantage of it. When Sten and I were in undergrad we went on a lot of walks. It was the only time you could talk without fear of your roommates or someone else hearing you fight or talk cute to eachother... We always had our best conversations either in the car or on a walk, and being back here and walking around this neighborhood again, memories start flooding back in. What an amazing man I am married to. I am a lucky lucky girl.

Here are some goals this week:
- Send 3 snail mails.
- Finish Harry Potter #2 and track down #3.
- Get the rest of my tooth work done.
- Do 2 random acts of kindness.
- Do my devo every night before bed.
- Laugh a lot with Sten and friends.
- Show as many people as I can our new table.
- Enjoy a glass of wine and a bbq with Mim.
- Talk to my partner dartner (jessica marie) on the phone.

It's a new week! YES!


  1. You are so darn cute! This makes me miss you so much! Wish I could get tea with you and take a walk! Someday! I'm glad you are so happy!


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