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13.1 and done!

Weekend update:
- 5 hour drive to WI
- Watching the Royal Wedding with Gma and mom
- Mike's Birthday dinner with the whole fam
- Half marathon
- Lunch at Norske Nook
- A welcome home from my awesome little husband.
Couldn't wait to show you photo's from my weekend. It was so fun to go to Wisconsin and run with Emily. I also got to spend quality time with 2 of the women I hold extremely near and dear to my heart: my mom and my grandma. We played games, laughed, baked and entertained.The half was in one word- windy. At one point I wasn't sure if I was moving and at about mile 10 I thought my fingers were for sure going to fall off from frost bite. But, I truely believe your body can always do more than you think and if you put your mind to it-- you will finish! AND we finished!! 2 hrs and 12 mins. later we ate a half a banana and walked/limped to the car and blasted the heat.Emily and I had some great conversation along the way and we laughed a lot. We probably won't be running any races together anytime soon, but that is not to say we never will again. We are thinking maybe in our late 20's we'll give it another go. I feel proud to say I can cross something off my Quarter Century List Woohoo!
This delicious carmel roll was waiting for us at Norske Nook in Osseo WI

When I got home last night I was so giddy to see Sten. I really love him so much. He made me laugh so much last night. We caught eachother up on our weekends and he let me go to bed early while he stayed up and did homework. We are on the home stretch. First year of seminary ALMOST complete! I seriously can't believe it.

Tonight we skyped with Bryce, Ryann and Drake. What a beautiful little family they are. I wish I could bottle them up and bring them here for dinner, wine and chats.

Monday is done. Phew! Busy week ahead.


  1. Hey sweet Erica! I'm sooo proud of you!!! Great job on the half marathon!! Sooo glad to see you had such a fun weekend!! I miss our occasional little chats!! But I love reading your blogs and seeing what you are up to!!! Love to you and Sten! L

  2. Good for you! And I LOVE Norske Nook!!!


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