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5 things

I adapted this from one of my favorite new blogs.
Every Tuesday I am going to say the 5 BEST things about today.
#1. work was busy busy and went by like a flash of lightning
#2. I got my daily quotient of Calcium by eating greek yogurt this morning, broccoli and spinach at lunch, and homemade pizza at dinner. However, eating calcium is a wash unless you accompany it with some Vitamin D....
#3. Got LOTS of Vitamin D as it was the FIRST nice day in about 247 days. Took full advantage by running to Lincoln Square where I met Kate, Laura and Karoline for Patio Happy Hour at Bad Dog Tavern!
#4. Made a delicious homemade pizza with real pepperoni and real mozzerella cheese. Usually I do turkey pepperoni and 2% cheese... Not tonight friends
#5. Got to make coffee for my amazing husband and send him off the library with a kiss. 3 days left of this year!

What a perfect day. really. perfect. xoxo.


  1. my night went downhill after the coffee and a kiss...i never want to see that library again!


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