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Brown Sugar Biscotti

Finished product in my favorite glass jar.
The recipe.
The ingredients.
The mixer, doing its thing.
this is what it should look like before you add the chocolate chips. it should be really heavy, and not too sticky.
make it into a BIG log, or 2 small logs... and sprinkle (or spray) a little h2o on the top, so it is smooth and won't crack during baking.
fresh out of the oven, i got that fancy "silpat" from my italian friends for our wedding. i LOVE it for biscotti, and cookies... but esp. biscotti.
slice the log and lay the pieces flat.
pour yourself a cup o joe in your favorite mug and dip away.

Here's the recipe-- just in time for my good friend Katie Ekstrom's Birthday. We used to always have these on hand for morning chats in our apartment senior year. I have to give her credit for finding this recipe. Although, I don't know where it came from :(

Brown Sugar Biscotti
6 Tbls Butter
2/3 C brown sugar
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla (or a touch more)
1 1/5 tsp baking powder
2 eggs
mix together... then add
2 C flour
2 tsp ground cinnamon (or a little more)
mix... then add
1 C mini choc chips

Work dough into a ball and then make into a log. bake @ 350 for 25 mins. Let cool for 5 mins, reduce oven to 325, cut into desired thickness then bake again flipping biscotti halfway through for an additional 20 mins. ENJOY!

wow. yesterday was a great day. i:
  • woke up early, did my devo's, went for a run and made a great breakfast for Sten and me.
  • walked to Lincoln Square, got Starbucks, sat at the park and reflected on life with Sten.
  • had a picnic outside- which provided some serious tan lines.
  • played cards.
  • watched the Bulls game with Megan and Joel.
I also stumbled upon something I wrote back on Sept. 20th 2009 in the book that holds the recipe I just shared with you today. But I also wanted to share whats in this special little book.

Dear God,
Today I like my body. I love my husband and my job seems okay. today my outlook on life is full of possibilities and positive thinking. today I want to save for tomorrow. today I will make goals for a future filled with infinite dreams and visions. today feels like a million showers of happy have rained on my brain and there is no negative thoughts. today I dream about about when my full-time job will be to take care of our beautiful children- when I will get to make their beds, and put away their laundry. Today I made a quiche for the first time and sang praises to you. today I made a choice and wrote down my positive thoughts instead of dwelling on the negative ones. Today I will choose to feel this way tomorrow-because ultimately it is my choice. today I enjoy being me.
love, Erica D Carlson

To me, thats a good reminder of the choices I can make and the person I am striving to be. I hope you enjoy the recipe, I have had endless great chats over a cup of coffee and this delicious little biscotti.

happy monday. xoxo. edc


  1. LOVE reading your posts and seeing all the yummy goodeness you've been cooking! Thanks for the inspiration as well. I miss our runs and talks. Glad to see everything is going great for you guys! Have an awesome week!

  2. What an awesome note! That is why I love you! You have such a sweet heart, a good outlook on life, a genuine kindness you rarely find in people, and creative gifts God personally gave to you! I also liked this blog entry because it made me think of when we made biscots and how they were so hard you could almost chip your tooth on them! Xoxo

  3. Emily Bergstrom (I know that's no longer her name, but I haven't made the jump yet!) made this for me and I begged her for the recipe. Finally, she directed me to your blog :) Can't wait to make them....think I will give them as gifts to close friends this Christmas! Thanks for the deliciousness that will be soon coming out of my oven!

    1. How wonderful! I think I remember you from visiting Taylor :) Enjoy!

    2. They turned out great!!! And my hubby loves them too :)


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