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happy moments

Friday. I've looked forward to this day since about Tuesday, and then I got to work this morning and the first thing I find out is that I am going to be working tomorrow 6:30-12p. You know what, I don't even mind. I actually like work right now. I mean, would I rather be at home with my man making omelets and lounging in our pj's until 1pm? Yes. but still.
I've been really enjoying life lately. I feel happy and thankful for this city, my friends, my incredible husband, my job, and the sun. I want to bottle up my emotions and keep them by my bedside so each morning I can remember this feeling.
This picture is from the summer of 2006, I remember feeling exactly the same way during this time of my life. Sten and I had just finished our Sophomore year and we went to his Grandparent's cabin up north MN. We were at the (I-want-to-spend-every-single-moment-with-you.... everything-you-do-is-perfect... lets-talk-on-the-phone-for-hours... and close-down-restaurants-not-even-realizing-the-time...) lovey stage. The time at the cabin was so special for me because ever since I met Sten he raved about 2 things: Portage Lake, and his Grandparents cabin. When you are enthralled with someone like I was with Sten you want to be an insider and be apart of everything they are a part of. We did everything "cabin". This was also when I got to see Sten and Bryce together and notice their many similarities and see how much they cared about each other. Sometimes I wish we were still in that stage, but then I think about how fun it is to be married and all of the awesome times we have together now and how we are dependant on each other but more independent as well. We are able to be so weird and we are able to laugh at ourselves and each other daily.
I love this memory. I am so thankful for Sten and so proud of him today especially for studying hard and being 1/3 of the way through seminary. What a great leader of our home and the only one who could put up with me everyday- that is for sure.

happy friday everyone. i get to: see emily tonight, go to the anderson's tomorrow, sleep in on Sunday, and watch SURVIVOR FINALE!