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VERY special weekend.

Talk about a BIG weekend. Seriously. I am filled to the brim with love and food. I took lots of pictures to document this celebratory weekend full of MOTHERS. Here are some things that I did
#1. Gave homemade Mother's Day cards to all the mothers in our lives. (If you ever need someone to make you cards- let me know- I LOVE DOING IT)
#2. Celebrated my cousin Jeremy's graduation from UIC. Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Mom, and Grandma in CHICAGO!
#3. Had everyone in our little apartment and got to use our NEW TABLE (it was a hit)
#4. SOOOO proud of my cousin! He is so awesome and he deserves to eat on the "You are special today" plate and eat 10 slices of this fantastic cake. (I can't take credit for this cake)
#5. Celebrated with my mom at Tre Kronor. So what if we were a little tired? and walked over in our sweats? That's whats so great about mom's... You get to be 100% you! I am in LOVE with this woman. She's the one who read me Bible stories at night and practiced my spelling with me. She's the one who picked nits out of my hair endlessly when I got lice. She was my chauffeur to and from youth group and sleepovers. She taught me how to be artsy and encouraged me to paint, draw and color. She consoled me when Jessica left for Ecuador and I didn't think I would make it through my senior year of high school without her. She's the one who generously saved for me every month of every year of my life so I could go to college. She gave me my adventurous side and was SO excited when I was picked to go study in Italy. She's the one who took me to JoAnn's 3x a week while we planned my wedding together (and saved the coupons in every paper she could find). She's the one who bought a last minute ticket to Colorado when I found out we sold our house and I got a job and helped me pack up every last inch of our house, and wrap every last dish with bubble wrap... She's the one who has prayed for me everyday of my life. This is only a small window into the woman she is and the way she cares for me. I love her so much my eyes are watering.
#6. Went to Geneva and spent the morning on Meredith's deck with a LOVELY brunch and even lovelier company. Sten is lucky to have a mom like her and I think I got even luckier that I can call her my M-I-L. I can't speak for Sten, and I haven't known Meredith as long as my own mother. But here are the things that I love about her: She loves me like her own. She loves Sten like I love Sten. She affirms all of my good qualities. She makes me feel so good to be ME. She loves frosting as much as I do. She is real about her faith and doesn't make it seem hooky- but instead so real. She laughs at ALL of Sten's jokes, even the ones I don't laugh at. She is ALWAYS thinking about Christmas presents for the following year. She would give us her entire fridge and pantry if we let her. She is a beautiful person. Inside and out.
#7. The brunch Sten and I made this morning. Egg Bake, home made cinnamon rolls with almond frosting, fruit salad and some delicious Starbucks "Three Regions" blend. The "You Are Special Today" plate made 2 appearances this weekend.

What I didn't include was our latest BYO adventure. Since it is such a long post dedicated to our ah-mazing family, I am going to save that for tomorrow. Over-flowing with love and slightly sunburned I am ending this weekend with some Amazing Race with my husband who's new name for me is "Blogg-o" (I think that's a good thing) :)