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buffalo chicken wraps and zirkouts.

Hello new recipe. I was inspired to make these by my co-worker Mandy. She is so great, I love hearing about what she makes for dinner every night and as we are both trying to eat healthy she always has tasty good-for-you ideas. So, I gave these a try last night. They were fun to make and fun to eat. Next time I will try them with the bbq sauce, because Sten and I love bbq sauce. I love it more than him, but he loves it too.
Finished product.
Starting the layering process
cole slaw, buffalo chicken, and blue cheese.
wrap it and bake it! Here's the recipe and WAY better pics.

Tonight I met some friends down at Montrose Harbor and did a boot camp workout. I'm officially calling it a Zirk-Out, because personal trainer extraordinaire Andrew Zirk leads it. If you are interested, let me know! The more the merrier-- who doesn't want to get beach ready while looking at the Chicago skyline and watching a million sailboats go by?!?

Here are the best things about today:
  1. It was in the 90's again. i love the heat
  2. Sten and I just sat on the couch and laughed for about 22 mins. it was about nothing in particular, but it felt so great and was just what i needed.
  3. I got a post card in the mail from my dearest friend Emily. We are pen pals and I am going to write her back STAT. because I love sending and receiving mail as much as she does.
  4. Biked to the beach and then got a GREAT workout.
  5. About ready to go to bed. That means I will wake up refreshed and ready to take on tomorrow.