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Pennsylvania and other thoughts...

Eddie Spaghetti. The one and only.
Front porch sittin'
Aunt Pam and Uncle Dan's dog Lucy!
Sten's mad Badminton skills
Almost there!!
We went to Uncle Curt's home and got to spend time with him. I have never seen him so lovey! He fell asleep on my grandpa's shoulder. My gpa was over-joyed!
Dad and Gpa... what a pair.
sister and sister... what a pair.

Well. It is the end of Saturday, 4 days into June... I can't believe it. This week FLEW- as did May, and April and March..... Pennsylvania was amazing. I love my family so much. I love the stories that are told and the songs my Grandpa sings (and whistles). I love the fact that I am the way I am so much because of the "Print Way". While driving across Indiana, Ohio, and into Pennsylvania, Sten and I found 39 state license plates, had lots of great conversations and laughs, listened to our ipod on shuffle, and stopped at just about every pit stop for road food and drinks.
This week was great. I took a lot of walks, went to the beach, got out the bikes again, attempted MayFest, went to bed late, got up early and really enjoyed life.
Tonight I am in deep thought about what is on my mind. I think too often my thoughts flood with what I have coming up, and what we are going to do when Sten graduates. I wish I thought more about people in my life. I wish every moment I spent pre-occupied with people. I wish my thoughts mimicked those of Jesus. I am going to be more intentional this month to love people. To think about the people I spend everyday with, and those that I see only a few times a year. I want to stop worrying about tomorrow or what I am going to make for dinner tonight and instead spend my time thinking about how I can become more like Jesus and less like me.
June will be busy and filled with things to do- there are lots of birthday's, and anniversaries and celebrations, but I hope I can just really enjoy it. REALLY. and live every sunny day to the max.