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I've never been more excited for the home stretch as much as I am right now. I have been working... working... working.... since June 13th... Two more days until the weekend. And I plan to enjoy every single second of it.
I must admit this week has been less glamorous than I would hope for. I haven't taken many pictures and I have been going to bed at 8pm and getting up at 4:30am. But here are some things that make me love life even though my schedule is less than enjoyable:
  • Sten. He has driven me to work 3 days this week and each time his alarm goes off it just looks painful. I on the other hand have been up (and am a morning person) and want to have chats: "How did you sleep?!?!" "What do you think you are going to eat for breakfast?!?!" "I wonder if it is going to be a nice day?!?!" He also gets my coffee ready every night and puts my work phone on the charger if I forget. This morning he left me a note and I think it got me through the day. I love him.
  • Co-workers. What would I do without them? I feel so lucky, because I know it is a rarity to love your co-workers. but, I do! I am so thankful.
  • Tan Towels. Ever heard of them? My co-worker and AVT Sales Manager extraordinaire- Mandy, bought me a box and I AM IN LOVE. Can't wait to be tan in the winter without going to the booth.
  • Dinner with cousins and Mim on Monday. How amazing is Mim? I hope I am as good an Aunt as she is someday. Like, for real. She always puts others first, is beautiful inside and out, and makes me feel at home in her adorable Chicago bungalow.
  • Phone calls home. Talked to all family members and also called my Grandpa today and listened to him ramble on about bed bugs, and being a spring chicken without the spring. He always makes me laugh. ALWAYS.
  • Watching Wheel of Fortune with Sten after dinner. You know its been a long week when we finish dinner by 5:50pm, and Sten says "We could play a quick game of Yahtzee before Wheel of Fortune comes on".... I know, its time to get a life.
Recipes, more frequent posts and pictures to come...


  1. Wow!! That last bullet point makes us sounds like we're about 65 years old. Yahtzee and Wheel of Fortune...HA!!


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