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I love checking the mail. I love mail. I've always loved letters and stationary and cards. I wrote letters to my grandparents weekly when I was little, and to this day think snail mail is the way to someone's heart. When I studied abroad in Italy Sten and I weren't officially dating yet, but we were pretty good little pen pals. One time he sent me a package with 2 mixed cd's and a phone card that wasn't international. We still have the letters we wrote to each other-- is that hoarder-ish?
Sten and I only have 1 mail key, and I am in charge of getting the mail everyday... that is, until I lost the (only) key last week. I was really freaking out. Yesterday, we went for a wild goose chase around the apartment, and don't worry- I found it in the kitchen, in the junk drawer, in the 'laundry-quarter-pouch'. Why was it in there? I immediately sprang out the door, down the stairs expecting LOTS of good letters stuffed in our box. I was slightly disappointed. Here's what was there in order that I liked:
  • Postcard from Emily (awesome)
  • Issue 1 United Health Care Newsletter
  • Chase bank statement
  • State Farm statement
  • 4 Credit card offers... WHY?! Stop bothering us, we don't use credit cards!
  • Blockbuster flyer- it didn't even have a coupon on it. NO thanks.

The newsletter was CHALK full of great information. I would like to share some that I plan on taking to heart.
Just Duo It!-- this section was all about finding a walking buddy and how to stay motivated and some tips. I found it fitting, considering I want to "go on as many walks as humanly possible". Here are the tips:
  • Double your pleasure! Find a friend, co-worker or family member to be your exercise buddy.
  • Find a good match. Look for a partner with similar fitness level. Compatible schedules help too.
  • Think outside the block. (ha! UHC is pretty witty) Neighborhood walking buddies are great. But almost any exercise can be done as a duo, from swimming laps to lifting weights. Also-- tennis or racquetball.
  • Share a mission. Setting a goal together-- such as dropping 1o pounds or training for a 5k race-- can offer added inspiration.
I think those are great tips. If anyone would like to be my walking buddy, I would love it! I walk pretty fast and swing my arms... I am still a good partner though.

Tomorrow is Friday and then Saturday; Sten, Lauren, Mim, Meredith, my favorite little girl Elin and I are hitting the road for Grand Rapids MI for Kathryn's wedding. Can't wait. You better believe my Monday post will be full of pictures of little Elin. Can't wait.

Happy walking- remember, Just Duo It!