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summa in the city.

It is officially summer in the city. Today was about 104 degrees and I am NOT complaining. I love the heat. Bring it on. Yesterday we met some friends downtown for a free concert in the park. What a treat! It was hot hot hot, and there were a million people there, but it was so fun and as Sten and I were riding the L home we both decided- THIS is why we live here and love this place. Where else do you get to sit on a blanket on a Monday night, drink wine and listen to music in Millennium Park?
my view from the blanket.
Joel and Megan.
We have about a million of these pictures.
Pete and Anne.

Tonight Sten and I are going to look at our summer calendar. The weekends are filling up fast and I still want to squeeze in some good times. Here is my to-do list for the summa:

- Eat lots of cherries and watermelon
- Bike to the beach once a week, even if its 5pm and I won't get any sun.
- Eat at as many outdoor patios as possible
- already ate at Cafe Ba Ba Reeba for brunch, and The Daily for drinks and pizza.
- Play multiple games of bags on the green space.
- Go on as many walks as humanly possible.
- Draw with chalk.
- Get bathing suit tan lines.
- Traipse aimlessly around the city and explore a few new neighborhoods.
- Go out with my work friends.
- Play with Lauren and Elin at the beach.
- Go to the suburbs and sit on Meredith's porch and sip lemonade.
- Do Zirkouts with Andrew at the beach.
- Love life.


ps. tomorrow I will share a delicious treat I made for dinner tonight... stay tuned.


  1. It is soooo good to see you so happy! I can't see your face or hear your voice in person but from your blogs I can tell you are loving life and are full of joy! Marcy and I always talk about what a blessing it is to see you guys so incredibly happy! Love and miss you!


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