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Last day of July.

Can't believe my month of fun is over. Not like August isn't going to be fun, it's just I don't have any vacations planned and it's getting nearer and nearer to fall and I am not ready for summer to be over... I am determined however to make August wonderful and eek out all the sun and heat I can. Here are some things I want to do in August:
Make a pie with some type of summer fruit.Play Guitar Hero on our new TV.Write letters and SEND them.Go to my niece's 1st Birthday party.Eat healthy (minus the summer fruit pie)Have a girls night dinner party.Sleep in the bed all by myself while Sten is in Colorado for 10 days.Make a welcome home dinner for Sten after his trip so he can tell me all about it.Use one of the Groupon's I just bought for a Mexican restaurant.Meet our new church family @ Batavia Covenant as Sten will be starting to work there at the end of the month.Stay out until the sun sets and enjoy the end of summer!
This time last year Sten and I had just…


Today was a very fun day for me! Let me tell you the story: Every once in a while at work clients will tip me. It's usually $20-$50, and very random. It is unnecessary, but much appreciated. I have been hoarding my tips for 9 months since I started my job. I was thinking once I had enough I would buy a really nice purse or go on a shopping spree. Then when Sten officially planned his trip to Colorado in August, I thought to myself- how fun would it be to surprise him with a new TV when he came home?!?! Poor guy has to watch sports on a 19" TV! August would have been perfect, until last week when he decided to go for a night fishing trip in Wisconsin with a friend from Geneva. I thought-- this is my chance!!!! I took my $650 cash to Target with Kate and bought this: All day long all I could think about was seeing Sten notice the TV for the first time! I was so anxious! I kept calling and asking where he was at- finally he tapped on the door and I had the camera ready. Here'…

Door County!

WOWZA. I must say Door County is a place to go for Summer fun! We are so thankful to have great friends like the Johnson's and we're even more thankful that they would share their little piece of paradise with us! We had a great weekend. LOTS of games, boating, eating and porch sitting-- my kind of vacation! On Friday night we went out for a sunset cruise! This was the best picture I got before my camera died... oops! Morning coffee on the porch- nothin' better. Isn't she the cutest? Kate got us all these matching sunglasses. We called them our "vacation mode" sunglasses. I failed to get a picture of all 4 of us wearing them- but it was a sight to see for sure! Look at those STUDS! Maybe my favorite memory of the whole trip. Sitting on that tube with my friend! Love her! Peter was driving the boat SO fast. We were screaming the whole time. I was holding on for dear life, and the next day I was sore! SO cute! Nice dive Peter. SUNNY! This is Al Johnson's Swedish Rest…

Family Camp 2. 2011

Well, I successfully completed my first year as a FC2 camper. It was a wonderful week full of babies, sand, water, candy, chapel, games, and family. Sten has been going to Portage Lake since he was in the womb- The tradition runs deep through his blood, and I had the privilege of marrying into it :) Here are some of my favorite memories of the week: Being with Drake. Hearing him giggle and talk and cry.... I love every little noise he makes.
The Artesian Well! This water never stops running and it is SOOO cold and delicious!
Bonfires at the point. Lake Michigan is so beautiful... I can't even describe it.
Look at that little jokester!
Isn't she the most gorgeous little girl you have ever seen?
My main man.
My sister-in-law Ryann is so great. She is a beautiful person inside and out. It was so fun running, playing games and lounging on the rave all week.
Michigan sunset. Portage Lake sweatshirts. Nothing better.
Elin was baptized in Portage Lake!
Sten was able to perform the baptism. It…

Minnesota- the mother land.

Dear world. Today is July 5th, which means the 4th is over and each day will be closer and closer to fall, which is closer and closer to winter which is sad. I don't want summer to end. I need to remember to live each day to its fullest and soak in as much Vitamin D as possible. Minnesota was a pure treat. We stuffed in so much in such a short period of time my heart feels full and happy. Sten and I always do this thing on the way home saying: 'What was your favorite thing about the trip'... When it's just a day trip its a little easier because you can get by with saying- 'oh, just spending time with you, laughing'... but when its a 4-day weekend, you really have to think! I had so many favorites, I will share them now-in no particular order. #1. Friday morning breakfast @ Key's Cafe. best. scones. in. the. world. #2. Friday afternoon 90 minute hot stone massage with my sister. #3. Friday evening happy hour with Emily and Caleb. Couldn't have asked for a bett…