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Minnesota- the mother land.

Dear world.
Today is July 5th, which means the 4th is over and each day will be closer and closer to fall, which is closer and closer to winter which is sad. I don't want summer to end. I need to remember to live each day to its fullest and soak in as much Vitamin D as possible.
Minnesota was a pure treat. We stuffed in so much in such a short period of time my heart feels full and happy. Sten and I always do this thing on the way home saying: 'What was your favorite thing about the trip'... When it's just a day trip its a little easier because you can get by with
saying- 'oh, just spending time with you, laughing'... but when its a 4-day weekend, you really have to think! I had so many favorites, I will share them now-in no particular order.
#1. Friday morning breakfast @ Key's Cafe. best. scones. in. the. world.
#2. Friday afternoon 90 minute hot stone massage with my sister.
#3. Friday evening happy hour with Emily and Caleb. Couldn't have asked for a better first impression.
#4. Friday evening Twins game at Target Field! What a spectacular field! GOOO TWINS!
look @ those rain clouds.... game started 2 hours late!
#5. Saturday morning run around Sandy Hills- my old stomping grounds.
#6. Eau Galle state park with all those crazy Stokka's. Picnic, frisbee, boccee, swimming... FUN.
#7. Hand and Foot with mom and dad. And my dad's new card shuffler!!!#8. Slept in!
#9. 20 mile bike ride with mom and dad and Sten.
#10. Bags tournament.#11. Starbucks.
#12. Steaks on the grill.
#13. Sleepover @ Jessica and Mike's.
#14. Brunch on J and M's new deck.

It was a perfect weekend, with amazing people. This afternoon I biked to Lauren and Mikes place and hung out with my niece Elin for a couple hours. I love her. She's so sweet and special and I just want to shower her with little kisses.

Now I have 3 days left of work until Family Camp! Holla.


  1. I think this was my favorite post of them all! Soooooo much joy! When I think of coming and visiting you in December I feel like I could explode! Man, I miss you girl! xoxoxo


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