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Today was a very fun day for me! Let me tell you the story: Every once in a while at work clients will tip me. It's usually $20-$50, and very random. It is unnecessary, but much appreciated. I have been hoarding my tips for 9 months since I started my job. I was thinking once I had enough I would buy a really nice purse or go on a shopping spree. Then when Sten officially planned his trip to Colorado in August, I thought to myself- how fun would it be to surprise him with a new TV when he came home?!?! Poor guy has to watch sports on a 19" TV! August would have been perfect, until last week when he decided to go for a night fishing trip in Wisconsin with a friend from Geneva. I thought-- this is my chance!!!! I took my $650 cash to Target with Kate and bought this:
All day long all I could think about was seeing Sten notice the TV for the first time! I was so anxious! I kept calling and asking where he was at- finally he tapped on the door and I had the camera ready. Here's one of the expressions I got- he was so shocked he was still holding stuff!
Now, here is the contrast between our 19" and the new 40"! YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!! What a difference that will be while watching sports and movies!
This was SO fun for me. I just love Sten so much and he deserves this even though he doesn't think he does. He is an amazing husband and my best friend. Can't wait to watch our first movie on that sucker! We broke it in with our favorite evening entertainment- Wheel of Fortune :)

It's a VERY happy day!


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