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Date Night

Yesterday was the perfect day. For real. I got to hold my co-workers little 12 week old baby, had a great day at work and then came home to my man, margarita's and the best date night. We got ready, then took the train to Southport. Put in our name at Tango Sur (where there was an hour and a half wait) then walked over to Cullen's for a drink. We had great conversation and many laughs.
We were seated at 8:15p and it was worth EVERY minute of the wait time. This is one of my favorite spots in the city to dine.
BYOB. Argentinian Malbec- a perfect pair with our Argentinian steaks.

I hope Sten and I always find time for nights like last. I just kept thinking how much fun it is to be married to him.

Best things about living in Chicago:
  1. People watching at it's finest.
  2. WONDERFUL places to dine.
  3. Public transportation.
  4. Friends everywhere.
  5. Family close.
  6. Beach access.
  7. Lake Shore Trail.
  8. Cool grocery stores and specialty food shops.
  9. Bakeries everywhere.
  10. Boutique window shopping.
I have a couple more recipes up my sleeve for this week and I still need to bake my pie and send some letters. So much to do. So little time.



  1. These are possibly the cutest pictures from your posts EVER! I love the first one! Frame it! Love you two!!!


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