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favorite things.

This week is almost over. I get to see my little Sten tomorrow!!!! I haven't been able to bring myself to watch Wheel of Fortune without him... it's just not the same. I just can't wait to put my arms around him and hear about all the millions of fish he caught. In the meantime, I have made our home a little more cozy, by cleaning every square inch and organizing. I've also picked some flowers. Here are my favorite nooks as of late:
On Sunday afternoon, I took all the books off the bookshelf and re-shelved them by colors. HA! I actually think it looks really good. The other reason I like this shot is you can see many of my hobbies- i.e. drinking wine, saving wine corks, reading, water-color painting, coffee, and cooking.
There are many things I like here: #1. Sten and I saved up our Christmas money to buy this coffee table. Everyone needs a good coffee table, and this one is perfect. #2. These fresh flowers are picked straight from in front of Old Main. Thank you North Park! They remind me of Kate and Peter's wedding and I just love them. #3. The Dala horse was my VERY favorite Christmas gift, my mother-in-law gave it to me from her very own collection. I just adore that little thing.
The coffee nook- need I say more? I can't wait to see that thing steaming on a Saturday morning. To me a coffee pot is the most important accessory in a home. I love to think about all the wonderful conversations I've had over a good cup o joe.
Our table. A couple months ago I bought this wine for a BYOB and I fell in love with it. The flower I didn't cut off well and it ended up only fitting in a shallow glass dish, I kinda like it that way.
I wish this picture was full of people. I love seeing friends and family in our home. This year I want to have LOTS of events and gatherings.

Happy weekend to all and to all a goodnight!


  1. Love these nooks Erica! You must be great at de-cluttering too, I can't get anything to look cute around here because Mark and I are both pack-rats :P

  2. Love it, nice work! I totally did the same thing with our bookshelf in the bedroom - sorted by color! You've inspired me to get me and ryan's place feeling more homey. :)


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