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On Friday I experienced my first bonfire of the season, and all it did was leave me wanting more. Nothing says 'Fall' like a bonfire, some s'mores and a sweatshirt!
Recipe for a perfect s'more!
We added carmel to our s'mores. It made for an extra tasty treat!

It was the most relaxing way to spend a cool, fall, Friday night.

I could stare at a fire forever, you know how it just mezmorizes you?

Best s'more ever!
Good Friends!

Last night I made 2 kinds of cornbread: L.A. Cornbread and Pumpkin Cornbread. Unfortunately, only the L.A. type turned out. I am going to try to post that recipe today or tomorrow. It's absolutely perfect for this time of year.

We are having our small group over for dinner tonight. Can't wait to see our table full of friends!