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Happy September.

Goodbye August and Summer. Hello September and Fall. I had pretty lofty ambitions in August and since I failed to reach all my goals I am going to set my sights a little lower for September. Although I love this time of year, I am sad to see my Chicago summer chapter come to an end. Here are my goals, plans, hopes, dreams and ambitions for this month:
  • Paint my nails 2 times.
  • Drink our Michigan wine on a special night.
  • Love EVERY second of Mike and Jessica in the city this weekend. 
  • Eat a new cuisine?
  • Enjoy a weekend get-a-way with college girl friends.
  • Remove Diet Pop from my diet.
  • Dive into our new small group starting Wednesdays. 
  • Sing loud at church and maybe clap (?)
  • Win most BUNCO's at Bunco!
  • Bake something with apples and pumpkin... YES!
  • Eek out as much Vitamin D before the winter monster comes and takes away the sunshine for 150 days.
  • Call my mom and ask her every detail of her trip to Scotland.
  • Enjoy some downtime as the hotel is slower and I will have some weekdays off.
  • Make new dinner creations for friends and Sten
  • Go to North Park Soccer games! Maybe even bring a thermos of hot chocolate!
  • Blog 10 times +
  • Find the perfect dessert plates to serve tasty treats on at small group.
  • Play Catch Phrase, as I feel I am going through a drought.
  • Snoop on Laura Hebden's amazing blog.
  • Remember 9/11 and how sad that day was for so many families that lost a loved one.
  • Live it up, but still relax :)
This picture is from Fall of 2006! Sten and I picking apples at the orchard. Happy September to all.