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Phew! It sure has been awhile!

Does life get busy for everyone else like it does for me? The kind of busy where you have to force yourself to sit down and take a breather to watch the first Vikings game of the season?... the kind of busy where when your head hits the pillow at night you don't remember falling asleep?... the kind of busy where washing the dishes seems like a dream because you will be standing in one place for 16 minutes?.... 

My month started out perfectly with Jessica and Mike coming for a Chicago visit. We love these 2 so much. Some highlights of our time together include: games (especially Scattegories), chats at Starbucks, Jazz Fest, dinner out at Adobo Grill, pumpkin pie pancakes, and shopping in Lincoln Square.  

These two make the world a MUCH better place

I love this guy!

Enjoying the Lake front

Our favorite boat. so cute.

Jazz Fest

My favorite Chicago landmark

B.I.L.'s = awesome.

1,367th photo like this taken of us..... never gets old.

favorite photo of the night.
Well, to remind myself I would like to see where I am at on my September list:
  • Paint my nails 2 times.
  • Drink our Michigan wine on a special night.
  • Love EVERY second of Mike and Jessica in the city this weekend. 
  • Eat a new cuisine?
  • Enjoy a weekend get-a-way with college girl friends.
  • Remove Diet Pop from my diet.
  • Dive into our new small group starting Wednesdays. 
  • Sing loud at church and maybe clap (?)
  • Win most BUNCO's at Bunco! FAIL
  • Bake something with apples and pumpkin... YES!
  • Eek out as much Vitamin D before the winter monster comes and takes away the sunshine for 150 days.
  • Call my mom and ask her every detail of her trip to Scotland.
  • Enjoy some downtime as the hotel is slower and I will have some weekdays off. FAIL
  • Make new dinner creations for friends and Sten
  • Go to North Park Soccer games! Maybe even bring a thermos of hot chocolate!
  • Blog 10 times + On the road to FAILure
  • Find the perfect dessert plates to serve tasty treats on at small group.
  • Play Catch Phrase, as I feel I am going through a drought.
  • Snoop on Laura Hebden's amazing blog.
  • Remember 9/11 and how sad that day was for so many families that lost a loved one.
  • Live it up, but still relax :)
I am REALLY getting there on my list! This has been a full month of fun. We started a small group that meets on Wednesdays and is full of extraordinary people. When the group leaves at 10p our home feels warm and cozy and full of love and grace and joy, and all those things you want to be part of your everyday life. Sten and I have been loving being out in Geneva on the weekends. Batavia Covenant is the perfect place for us right now, and I couldn't be more thankful for this opportunity.
This weekend there is a bonfire to be had and with these chilly temps I am hoping to organize my closet and maybe stow away some of our summer clothing?

It's Thursday. Sten is away and I am going to wash the dishes, take a spinning class at the gym, and go to bed early- recipe for a GREAT evening.

xoxo. edc