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Dream Kitchen.

I ADORE this kitchen. Here are my reasons why:
  1. The Kitchenaid is the only thing on the counter
  2. I can just picture my friends and family conversing around the island. Telling stories and eating dips and drinking wine.
  3. There are multiple shelving units for Cookbooks and magazines and an ipod dock.
  4. The nook in the corner with the cake sign above it screams -- "drink your morning coffee here while you plan out your weekend and reflect on your life"
  5. Because of the neutral color pallet, you could easily dress this up for any holiday - Christmas time? add a few red and green spectacles. Birthday? Hang a giant banner. Thanksgiving? pumpkin city.
  6. With that much counter space I could make dinner and dessert at the same time.
  7. The lighting is spectacular, especially for making a detailed Birthday cake.
  8. I would be able to hear the sounds of my future children playing in the toy room next door
  9. I spot a dishwasher over by the sink. No more hand washing EVERY. SINGLE. DISH.
  10. My home would be complete with this kitchen. I can picture many many happy hours in here.

Happy Saturday.