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Italian Chicken Soup.

SO good.

Jalapeno, celery
onion, green pepper
shred the chicken
Back in the pot
Perfect fall dinner with some bread and wine.
This recipe is from The Pioneer Woman... The ultimate blogger. Recipe and better pictures are attached to the link.
Sten and I were so tired when we finally both got home today. In fact, he took a nap before his FOURTH class of the day, and I feel asleep in the dentist chair waiting for Dr. Zagar! That's pretty bad. But we weren't too tired to roll up our sleeves and make some soup. Sten was my sous chef (of course) and chopped/diced all the vegetables to perfection. We had so much fun in the kitchen and our hard work paid off. This made a TON of soup. I think we will be eating it for the next week- at least! We ended our night with a walk to Mim's to bring her a cup o soup and sat at the island catching up. I love doing that.
I have Wednesday off this week! What a treat- so I only have one more early morning... that is music to my ears.