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Ready. To. Cook.

I spent a good portion on my morning finding recipes and making a grocery list. I am VERY excited to get back to the kitchen and start blogging my recipes. There is no excuse for my lack of efforts!

I am going out of my comfort zone with a couple of these recipes- I typically stick with chicken and vegetables only... but I think I am ready to explore some new meats.
Happy October 1st. Summer is really over here in the Windy City. I do love Fall, and have been really excited to do all my usual fall festivities.. such as:
Pumpkin Carving
Pumpkin Baking
Apple Picking
Apple Baking
Dressing in sweaters and boots
Wearing my Fall jackets
Drinking hot cider
Crunching leaves
Breathing in crisp air
Fall cleaning
Fall decorating
I am READY to cook, blog, and live it up this Fall.