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weekend recap.

Words can't describe this weekend. It was just perfect in so many ways. The weather was out of this world, the people and conversations were spectacular and the productivity was great as well. Here are some highlights:

Campus in the Fall. I think this tree is my favorite.
Elin LOVES cement. There was a WHOLE green space to play in, and she only wanted to be on the black top.
This is the building where Sten spends most of his days.
FAVORITE picture of all time. Early morning snuggles and cartoons.
Petey + Anne. Good times at the soccer game
Junior year roomies!
This was right when we WWWOOOONNNNNNNN!!!!!!

  • Overnight with Elin. That girl can sleep! She was so much fun and I think she really loves sleepovers at 5151 N Christiana-- I mean, truthfully, who doesn't?
  • Painting Mim's garage. It was the perfect day to prime a garage and Sten and I deducted we primed about 80% on Saturday afternoon.
  • 3 bags are ready and waiting to go to Good Will. We did a major room clean before heading out to the soccer game on Saturday night.
  • Wheaton vs. North Park Soccer. We met Pete and Anne for dinner at Chili's (nostalgia) and then got a good spot on the bleachers. It really was one of those nights that's just good old fashioned fun! I teared up a little when we won- mostly due to the amount of school pride I felt. I am proud to be a North Park Viking!
  • Church on Sunday was up-lifting and I got to talk to some new people.
  • Went for a long run in the sun after church while I waited for Sten and finished our 5 loads of laundry!
  • Went for a long walk with Sten, where we had meaningful conversation and some good laughs.
  • Went to Jamie and Erica's with Joel and Megan for cheese and crackers and wine. The perfect way to end a weekend of great people, great conversations, and great fun.
Back to work today, but Friday I leave for Minnesota! I just bought my Megabus ticket. $30.50 total round trip. Can't wait to be in the Mother Land.



  1. Fun to have found you via Sten in crazy blogland. :) It was fun to catch up with you on Sunday. Text us some Sat. night when you are out this way and we can have a fire pit and vino, or lunch on Sunday after church. Have a great trip!!


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