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Chicken Tomatillo Tacos... Bobby Flay.

I love the Food Network. I especially love when it is on at the gym and I am mapping out how long I should run so I can go home and make whatever I just watched.... Paula Dean- 7miles, Rachel Ray- 6 miles, Giada- 5 miles, Bobby Flay- 4 miles... Well, this recipe is a 3 mile run kind of meal. It is nutritious and delicious, full of protein and vegetables and you can make it in a SNAP! I first had it when my B.I.L. made it for us during one of our weekly Biggest Loser Tuesday night get togethers. He is an amazing cook. Check out his blog HERE. Since then I have made this for about everyone I know. Last night over a rousing game of Hand and Foot, Peter, Katie, Sten and I enjoyed this warm meal on a blistery Chicago evening.
Here are some pictures and the recipe:

These are Tomatillos. I found them at Harvest Time, but most grocery stores carry them as well. They look like green tomatoes, but they are not. As an easy alternative to blackening them on the grill- I broiled them for about 12…

3 years in review


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I couldn't be more excited to see my family. When we were little Thanksgiving was a BIG deal. We always had a full house of cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandpa/grandma. It was a 2-day event and everyone was at the Print home. It was so anticipated and when it was over it was such a let-down. We played house, made up commercials, ran around the house, and spent the night on the floor of the basement- slumber party style. I hold those memories very close to my heart. Being around family is the ultimate treat.

Tomorrow's the big day and I didn't want to miss out on my Thankful List:
A place to be on Thanksgiving, surrounded by people who love me despite my long list of imperfectionsA childhood filled with unconditional love and what it looks like to have a strong marriage and a healthy relationship with Jesus Christ.My main man, Sten. Don't know what I would do without this guy.The people who make life more fun. Friends.My hobbies: a creative m…

Friendsgiving. 2011.

Last night was our second-annual "Friendsgiving"! It was a success, and a lot of fun! I am so thankful for all our friends, and this was the perfect occasion to celebrate! Who doesn't love: Friends, Turkey and Games?! Sten and Peter were the "co-co-hosts" as well as the mixologists. They came up with our signature cocktail: the Berry Thankful and I think it was a hit! I sure liked it!
These turkey's are a Print family must-have at Thanksgiving time. Open up an Oreo, stick a chocolate covered cherry on and garnish with candy corn for the feathers and the beak.   Elsa came to help set up and get everything ready. She's the best.  Have you ever cooked your turkey in a bag? It's easy, and makes the turkey sooo moist and delicious! Kate did all this on her own. Homemade stuffing even!  This is where you will typically find us.  18 people for dinner! We had to make 2 tables to fit everyone! Sten is GREAT at carving turkey's! He is a natural.  Love th…