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I like Thursdays.
Our home is quiet except for the sound of passing traffic outside. Sten is in Batavia playing guitar and planning the Sunday service.
I can turn on whatever music I like - tonight it was my newest mistletoe mix on Spotify.
I can clean until my hearts content. put away laundry that has been in the basket since Sunday eve, and layout my clothes for the next day.
I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want.
I can sit in bed and do my devotions.
I can light all the candles I can find with a million scents permeating the living room.
I can blog and re-blog.
I can work out for an hour and half.
I can take extra time on my hair and even paint my nails.

Sometimes you just need time alone- to re-fresh and rejuvenate.

Although, I can't wait until tomorrow when Sten and I head across the street to Tre Kronor for dinner. This will be the ultimate treat on a Friday night date night. Sometimes conversations are sweeter when you spend a day apart.



  1. What a great post. You're living the dream, Erica. :)


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