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3 years in review

July 19th 2008. Sten purposed!
pre-dating. awkward (Spring 2005).

First trip to Bay Lake together.

Apple picking.

First year DATING anniversary

My 21st Birthday at Winter White Out
S.S. Badger

Our first trip to Mackinac Island

Honeymoon in Mexico

One of my favs.

Our first Christmas together
First camping trip in Estes Park

Our first house- that we already don't live in!

1st night in the first house that we already don't live in
First anniversary in Colorado Springs

Snow shoeing in Estes
Wedding season of 2010
Family vacation to Mexico!

On the ferry to Isla!

First Bulls Game!

Groupon buys!

Michigan Wedding


The point!

Family Camp 2011

Nights out in Chicago!
First of all, Sten got better looking with age.

Today we are celebrating 3 years of marriage and I couldn't be happier. My favorite things about Sten are as follows:
  • He loves Jesus and challenges me to live a life full of patience, unconditional love, kindness, faithfulness, and self-control.
  • He makes me laugh SO much.
  • He keeps me in check when I am being ridiculous and over-reacting over kitchen mess-ups or the way I look.
  • He tells me I am beautiful when I really need to hear it.
  • He is my chauffeur and always drives because he knows I don't like to.
  • He gets my coffee ready every evening so I just have to press start in the early morning
  • He remembers our funny memories with his razor sharp memory
  • He loves his family so much and loves my family too
  • He is going to be the best dad.
  • He REALLY cares for people 
  • He is a true man of character.
  • His smile warms your heart.
  • He encourages me to chase my dreams- even blog writing and card making.
  • He has stayed by my side through our many ups and downs.
It's been a wonderful 3 years.
xoxo. e


  1. loved this! it was very encouraging to me. love you guys.


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