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Friendsgiving. 2011.

Last night was our second-annual "Friendsgiving"! It was a success, and a lot of fun! I am so thankful for all our friends, and this was the perfect occasion to celebrate! Who doesn't love: Friends, Turkey and Games?!
Sten and Peter were the "co-co-hosts" as well as the mixologists. They came up with our signature cocktail: the Berry Thankful and I think it was a hit! I sure liked it!
Signature Drink: Berry Thankful

Vodka, fizz, Lingonberry concentrate, lemon, and garnish
Find your spot and eat your turkey
Almost all ready!
These turkey's are a Print family must-have at Thanksgiving time. Open up an Oreo, stick a chocolate covered cherry on and garnish with candy corn for the feathers and the beak. 
 Elsa came to help set up and get everything ready. She's the best.
Ready for friends to arrive!
 Have you ever cooked your turkey in a bag? It's easy, and makes the turkey sooo moist and delicious!
23 lb. Turkey in a bag.
Kate did all this on her own. Homemade stuffing even! 
Just right at 4 hours in the ov.
This is where you will typically find us.
2 cooks in the kitch.
 18 people for dinner! We had to make 2 tables to fit everyone!
Sten is GREAT at carving turkey's! He is a natural.
Carving master
 Love the candle light room and everyone enjoying each others company! So happy
Mix and Mingle
 Everyone brought the sides and they. were. to. die. for! Roasted garlic mashed potatoes, cranberries (my favorite), cornbread, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, stuffing, asparagus, turkey, ham and gravy... phew!
 Love these girls!
Dig in!

I made this cake for Jake and Ashley because they just got engaged!! I cut out the center of the cake and made a diamond for the top, then frosted it up! Easy!
Engagement Cake.

Pop the cork!
Yes, we wore matching purple. 
Co- hosts.
 Look at all those treats!!
These two are too cute, I think this is such a great picture! 

I wish I had snapped a picture of the whole group... but maybe next year!!
Game time.
It was a wonderful evening. I am one lucky girl.
One more day of work and then we're hittin' the road for Thanksgiving  #2 in Minnesota! Can't wait to see my family!!!!!
xoxo. berry thankful. :)


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