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Christmas Egg-bake Brunch.

On Saturday Sten and I hosted a Christmas brunch to celebrate an early Christmas with his side of the family. I made Pioneer Woman's Sleepin' in Omelet, and doughnut muffins and we opened gifts and spent a cozy afternoon in our apartment. It was fun and festive and I loved it! One of Sten's family traditions is "socks" or stockings... the Tournell women take this to a-whole-nother level by shopping year around for things that will be opened on Christmas morning. In fact, they don't even fit in a normal size stocking... I wish I had some pictures. It is so much fun to open all the little treasures from the year.
Fresh and hot out of the oven... SO good.
After brunch we packed up our Christmas stuff (since we won't be home until after the new year) and packed our bags for Minnesota. We arrived last night with Lou Malnati's in tow and shared a slice of Chicago with my family :) It feels so good to be home for Christmas. p.s. My sis has a little bitty baby bump (the best Christmas present I could ever ask for)

last time I was able to use my Christmas dishes before packing them up for the sesaon
 Could you ever deny this girl of anything? She's so stinking cute!
 Best facial expressions.
Doughnut Muffins.
bread, cheese, cream cheese
 This is the easiest make ahead egg bake ever
egg mixture

add some butter
pour the egg over top, refridgerate over night and pop in the ov in the morn.
You can find the link to the Egg Bake HERE, and the Doughnut muffins HERE

Yesterday was Drake's 2nd Birthday! What a big boy! I remember so vividly holding him for the first time. Look at his itty bitty face. He has brought me so much joy, I can't wait to see him grow up. Love you SO much buddy.
As I am typing, Sten is folding our 6th load of laundry, we just finished watching the season finale of Survivor, he's winning an on-going competition of ping-pong down in the basement and there are MANY more games of Hand and Foot, Mexican Train, and 3's are wild to be played.

xo. e.


  1. Awwww love this! What a great time! And can't wait to try these recipes! We have our Tournell stocking stuff under the tree already... so fun to look at, love it!


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