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making room

Life is moving too fast. I have 5 work days left of 2011. The rest will be full of friends from CO visiting, Christmas with Sten's family, Minnesota in all its wintery glory, and to cap off 2011: a trip to Mexico for some sun and fun times with the Johnson's!
This past Sunday Sten had the opportunity to speak at church. He is so talented, and I sat through both services fully engaged and so proud. He is going to be an excellent pastor. He has a huge heart for people that don't know Jesus and a true desire to lead people into a deep and true relationship with Christ. His message has been with me all week. Simply put "Jesus' presence always requires making room".. think about the inn keeper who missed out on having the savior of the world born in his hotel because he didn't make room. I have been so distracted these past couple weeks that I feel like I have done a poor job at making room for Jesus. But, tomorrow is a new day and I am going to be more intentional about the way I think and the way I spend my time, whether it be on my commute or during my morning rounds at work.
I have a lot to be thankful for this evening as I sit down in my quiet apartment. Someday (hopefully) my life will revolve chasing after children and making macaroni and cheese and bed time stories and then cleaning up after they are all tucked in, but for right now, I am so content with stealing a few quiet moments to myself where I can reflect and soak up this stage of our life.

xoxo, happy friday!


  1. wow this was good. Funny, I feel like Im learning the same things... making room for Jesus. I love the inn keeper example.


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