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Monday love. 2.

With last week behind me, I am ready for February. New month. New goals, and lots of chances for adventures. 

My weekend started Saturday after work and included:
- homemade goat cheese, mozzarella and pepperoni pizza, bulls game and the most WONDERFUL surprise from Kate = Lululemon yoga pants!
- bringing Elin to the NPU basketball game and watching her yell, cheer, smile and snuggle.
Doesn't she melt your heart?

- Geneva on Sunday.
- sleeping in today, running errands with my man, re-decorating, running outside, Bach!

February is only 29 days, and nestled in there is Valentine's Day and my Birthday.... Inspired by another blogger, I have decided it's the perfect month to give up my sugar addiction (making an exception for the current months holidays, of course) So, starting February 1, I will be pushing away the cookies, chocolates, cupcakes and everything associated with my sweet tooth. Please join me! 

Cheers to a 4 days week and the Super Bowl this weekend!