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peddle on.

There was something about today that can be summed up in this drawing. Sten and I have been talking so big picture lately that it feels overwhelming. I'm not good at big picture. I'm good at what I like now, and if what I like now doesn't make sense, then I want to get on our bicycles with all our valuables and peddle to greener pastures. I feel a little trapped in my work, and wonder if there's anything else out there. I feel like my creativity and my love for adventure is just getting stuffed to the bottom of the barrel of life. At what point do I just make a serious move? Is that stupid and irresponsible?
At camp we always did "highs" and "lows" during devo time if the conversation wasn't flowing. Sometimes I lay in bed and think about my high and low of the day as a reminder to always end the night on a good note. Today my low was what I described above. Feelings of being trapped and watching my life be the same as it was a year ago... But my night ended on a different note. I had 2 highs for today: one was going to yoga with my new yoga mat, breathing deep and feeling the tension of the day melt away... number 2 was going to small group and feeling inspired to get our life to a place that is so far from the social norm and, in-turn, to a place that is near to God's heart, and his desires for the way our lives should look. I love my small group and I always look forward to Wednesday nights spent with them in a cozy apartment.
Tomorrow is a new day filled with endless possibilities. Is it time to get peddling? xo. edc


  1. Oh Erica! We probably aren't close enough for me to say anything helpful in a blog comment so I'll just add that I feel for you and I'm envious of your life!

  2. i am so thankful for you (and sten:) -- So glad that we walking life together. You are so talented and can do anything you put your mind to. Time to put those heels away take a leap! :) You can do it.


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