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t-minus one month check in.

Since it is about 1 month until I am no longer 25, I thought is was HIGH time to check in on my list of things I wanted to do this year. According to my calculations I did 65% of the things. THAT'S GOOD! and I still have one month to get a couple of these things checked off the list! 
I need to start thinking now about my 26 year list... woohoo! It's going to be a good one, I just know it.
1. Find a church to get involved in Batavia Cov!

2. Run a half marathon with my friend Emily (May 1st) The coldest most trying run of my life, but with my bestie -- still a great memory!

3. Get really good at yoga Okay, I can't go as far as  "really" good, but I am definitely better!

4. Take a whole day and bike around the city We bike A LOT this summer.

5. Read the book 'Cold Tangerines' and discuss it with others. Read the book, but didn't really discuss it.

6. Go to Ravinia this summer, drink wine, listen to music and picnic with friends. Perfect date night with Stenny.

7. Go camping FAIL!

8. Take pictures of the food I create and blog about it.

9. Volunteer locally in the community. FAIL!

10. Find the ultimate BYOB. My vote is still (and will always be) I Monelli.

11. Celebrate Christmas in Minnesota with my family and play 'Amy Grant Christmas' record over and over and dance with my sister. Did it!

12. Bake with my cute little niece. Even though she is only 6 mos. I am not going to call this a fail. I just think maybe I was a little ambitious with this one. I think she will be more into it when I am 26

13. Pay half of our school debt- and get closer to having 'financial peace' BOO YA! paid it ALLL off!

14. Read and develop more of the traits of the Total Women Giving myself a half-si on this one.

15. Be a supportive, loving and patient wife again, another half-si

16. Blog at least 3x a week FAIL!

17. Go to the movie theater Love, love LOVE the movies.

18. Go bowling did it! Lincoln Square Lanes...

19. Make cards monthly and send them out to all the ones I love. FAIL miserably

20. Visit CO so Sten can fish and be with his brother, and I can hang out with my perfect nephew and my beautiful sister in law. FAIL! Where did the year go??
Yesterday Sten and I got a new computer... it's getting all jazzed up right now, so we don't actually HAVE it in our possession, but I can't wait to set up shop and get to work on some recipes that I have been waiting to share. Our current computer is from 2006 and runs at about the speed of a turtle and therefor I get so frustrated with it, I can't stand using it. I can't wait... I feel like a small school girl waiting to get home for my mom's after school snack!
I have been missing blogging lately as it is a good time to reflect and really take time to enjoy life and all the things that truly bring joy. Like: family, friends, dinner parties and new happenings. Sten and I both agreed over dinner on Friday night, that this blog has really made us appreciate this last year. It's just FUN!


  1. Great post Erica! Congrats on paying off your educational debt!! And big congrats on the new computer too!


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