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Another year has come and gone- and it was a good one. I must say, being 25 was AWESOME! And if it's true that things get better with age than 26 will be my best year yet. I have so many fabulous memories from the last year, and was able to spend time with so many amazing people. I have the best friends and family. I celebrated my Birthday Eve with some girlfriends at Lago.
Ever been there? It has the best Italian charm and the company was perfect. We had a lot of fun. Last night we met friends at my very favorite BYOB, and celebrated with more Italian food and more great friends.

I am one lucky girl.

Trick candles... they totally got me!
I have a lot of things on my list for 26:

1. Eat less sugar.
2. Go camping.
3. Drink more water and less other beverages.
4. Go see and take pictures with the Chicago river when they dye it green.
5. Hold my new baby niece and nephew until they fall asleep.
6. Go to a concert.
7. Run a half or full marathon.
8. Save lots of money for a new house some day.
9. Unplug once a month.
10 .Go to a Chicago sporting event.
11. Go somewhere other than MN, WI, MI, and CO. (because I already know I am going there)
12. Try 5 new restaurants.
13. Surprise Sten with something great.
14. Be a better pen pal.
15. Be a better friend.
16. Make time for people.
17. Blog a lot.
18. Cook a lot.
19. Build a fort in our living room and sleep in it.
20. Go on a long bike ride on a sunny summer day.
21. Find a great hiking spot.
22. Host a dinner party and fill up our table with food and friends.
23. Paint my nails more.
24. Work toward getting certified in yoga.
25. Cheer for other peoples victories.
26. Love myself more

Cheers to another year of life. xo. erica