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Happy Valentine's Day! + Goat cheese and Prosciutto wrapped Asparagus.

What a wonderful day it is. We opted out of the typical 'Valentine's dinner out sitting 1 foot away from another couple trying not listen in on their awkward conversation', and we planned a menu sure to please:

prosciutto and goat cheese wrapped asparagus
garlic mashed potatoes
steak with a special marinade
rice crispy brownies
red Zinfandel.

It was tasty and the company was the best. just: us, our smoky kitchen, the noises from Foster (because we had to open the door to let out the smoke) and the crackling of a million candles lit. I would say it was a perfect Valentine's Day.

 I love my new candelabra from my mother in law. It was the perfect accent to our Vday table.
my Valentine.
We ate like royalty and both wore our pink button ups. I just love my man. He let me pick out Lululemon yoga pants and I got him a massage and some gummy worms. (He's easy to please). We don't do presents very often so it was fun to pick something out for him.

So thankful today for all the many many people we love. I started crying praying for our dinner and thinking about all the people in our life who shower us with love. I wanted to share a recipe I stole from Bunco last week at Kate's house, I don't know where she found this recipe, but it's genius, delectable and easy:
Goat Cheese and Prosciutto wrapped Asparagus:

 Doesn't that look fancy?
Just cut the Asparagus in half, smear some goat cheese on 
 and wrap it up! Bake it in the oven at 375 for 15 mins. 
The asparagus gets tender, the goat cheese gets warm and gooey and the prosciutto gets crispy. There is really no better combination.

Happy Valentine's Day. Cheers to love.
xo. e