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life according to iPhone photos.

                               I've noticed in the past week I have been swapping my iPhone for my regular camera. It's so handy and it takes great pics. Here's a review:
1. Sten came to meet me downtown after work on Friday. We sat in the Starbucks right across from my building on Michigan Ave and talked about life and enjoyed a snowy afternoon in the city. We ended our Friday evening at Cafe Ba Ba Reeba. #'s 3 & 5. They have the best tapas and a GREAT happy hour. Were we home at 7:30p on Friday night? - yes... :) #2. Last Sunday (before giving up caffeine) I made a latte and had some quiet time. It was one of those times that you don't forget. #4. My boss brought her adorable baby girl into the office to meet us all on Tuesday. She is the sweetest thing ever and so cute. I was able to hold her- and holding an infant is most definitely one of my favorite things.

This morning Sten and I slept in, made a great breakfast, watched season 2. ep 1&2&3 of Downton Abbey (we are officially obsessed), went to the gym and continued to lounge. It was the perfect Saturday.

xo. e